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Ebay Partner Network Caught Scamming Affiliates

Discussion in 'eBay' started by Icedout, Sep 13, 2016.

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    I hope this gets relayed to the owner of Digital Point Forums, Shawn Hogan.

    There's been a tracking problem going on over at the Ebay Partner Network for quite some time, going on 3 months now... Yet they haven't been able to fix the problem!

    Quite a few affiliates noticed a problem when their earnings were extremely way off, while still receiving the same amount of clicks every month. Few affiliates made complaints on the forums, of course EPN took notice and started to investigate... Investigate for a very long time they did!

    EPN claimed it was just a mobile tracking problem, meanwhile some of us said that can't be right. Our earnings are way off, this can't just be a mobile tracking problem, we suspect there's tracking problems on both ends!

    As time rolled on, they never kept us up to date with the problem at hand, meanwhile for those of us that were originally making 4 figures every month, we're making somewhere around 3 figures every month. Finally an apology came from John Toskey through a private video on YouTube, claiming he understands how bad this is and knows we have bills to pay. EPN promised they'd reinburse us fairly!

    What comes next, safe to say isn't fair. The reinbursement is horrible compared to what we used to make. Only a hundred or two hundred to where some made thousands every month. One affiliate by the name of Technologize decided to make his own calculations to what he should of been fairly payed and submitted it to the EPN team, this was their response!

    Technologize claimed what they will be reinbursing him with is 11x more than the original calculation. My question to the affiliates on Digital Point and the affiliates on EPN, how do you make a calculation error that is 11x of what it actually should be!?!?

    I myself don't belong to the group that were making 4 figures plus, but I made $470 one month, then dropped down to $100 the next with the same amount of clicks. The next month they reinbursed me with $50.... Does this seem fair?

    I'll be waiting for the next apology from John Toskey in-light of this information brought to us by Technologize. And Kudos goes out to Technologize for posting this, rather than keeping it to himself like the majority of people would, especially the affiliates that decided to take their frustration on me, rather than Ebay when I called EPN crooks on the forums....

    I hope some major affiliate decides to take time to expose this publicly, just like how EPN and FBI did Shawn Hogan's case. In fact, I wonder if Shawn Hogan himself is interested in this?

    Evidence is starting to mount up for a major lawsuit against EPN, the years I've been with EPN, I've never seen so much dishonestly, failure in communication, and fraud when it came to reinbursement. Affiliates, partner up with this company at your own risk!!! What we dealt with few years back when they changed from an auction site to a buy it now site, then demolished their cookies from 7 days to 24 hours doesn't compare to this... Well, maybe it does, lol.

    But I have a really bad taste left in my mouth after this, like whether or not I should even still work with the company, despite being with them for 7-8 years. Thinking about changing all my phpbay hooks to phpzon hooks. They still haven't even addressed if there's a non-mobile tracking problem, nor have they fixed the tracking problem all together. Here's Scotts response to the thread I created, they never have a clear answer for anything.

    And might I add, it was really sad to see so many affiliates bully me on the EPN forums after I called them crooks and asked for fair reinbursement on non-mobile tracking. Which they basically are, I thought my comment was rather tame compared to what they've done to some of us affiliates, yet they decided to moderate my post and tone it down. Wonder if they'll do the same on Technologize's comment!?

    Recently they decided to close their Half.com affiliate section down with no warning, quite a few affiliates were pissed about that. I really hope this gets relayed through the webmaster world and affiliates don't take this lightly, I feel corporations have been unfairly treating us webmasters/affiliates for quite some time, now that we got evidence on Ebay, I hope someone decides to do something about it.SEMrush
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
    Icedout, Sep 13, 2016 IP
  2. kenmose

    kenmose Member

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    That is horrible for EPN, I hope they resolve t soon as this is a very good affiliate program that can pay enormously big.
    kenmose, Sep 17, 2016 IP
  3. Shemeka Wilson

    Shemeka Wilson Peon

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    I've been with EPN since 2013. The tracking system is definitely malfunctioning. It appears that I get clicks all the time but my sales are being stolen. Latest data area gives information on the last day earnings were reported, but earnings aren't actually showing in my reports. I instantly suspected a glitch in the tracking, but still continue to work with the company hoping they fix this problem and reimburse everyone that has been affected before a class action lawsuit be filed against it.
    Shemeka Wilson, Sep 30, 2016 IP
  4. Fiverscripts

    Fiverscripts Moderator Staff

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    +1 on it being glitched.. i spotted the big "we are suspending EPN" message weeks ago.. so i removed all my EPN related adverts

    Acording to Ebays tracker im getting clicks still - 100% not got any live! so thats not possible
    Fiverscripts, Oct 12, 2016 IP