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eBay links to objects using ID not working with adwords

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by chienket, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I use google adwords to make ads to products on eBay. The urls point to objects I have chosen manually on eBay, based on their unique item ID.

    This is the syntax I use for the links in google adwords:


    Where MyPID = my cj PID
    ITEMNUMBER = ID of eBay object
    10368033 = Link ID given by eBay EditorToolkit & matching in CJ.

    When I use this syntax & enter it manually in my browser: it works, correct page of the item on eBay.
    When I make ads in google & click on the ads from the adwords control panel: it works too. Also everything is being tracked correctly in CJ.

    However, because of ROI = 0 , I clicked manually on my ads in google search results page, there I got a 404 error, the page displayed is

    Same thing in cj.com , the link ID "10368033" is marked "EDITOR KIT LINK PLEASE DO NOT USE" - When I click on View Destination Page I get the same 404 page: http://cgi1.benl.ebay.be/aw-cgi/default

    My questions:

    1. Why does it work when I use the url in browser, but not in cj & google adwords?
    2. Am I using the correct syntax for linking to eBay object based on the object ID?

    Help is greatly appreciated, I'm struggling with this for a few days already.
    chienket, Sep 13, 2006 IP
  2. Crazace2006

    Crazace2006 Active Member

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    I have had to same problem. I have had some that worked and I changed the code by hand for the ones that werent working. I have not been able to pinpoint the problem though.
    Crazace2006, Sep 14, 2006 IP
  3. chienket

    chienket Guest

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    The code is ok, as it works by entering in the browser.

    eBay & CJ couldn't help me out. Google team did.

    Disabling the autolinking for analytics fixed the problem.
    chienket, Sep 15, 2006 IP