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Ebay feedback, looks like unreliable!

Discussion in 'eBay' started by lightstarm2k, Apr 5, 2014.

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    I left a neutral feedback to a seller 2 months ago because I was not satisfied with his service.
    I checked his shop and I saw few negative feedback (around 91% positive or something).

    Today, I feel kinda weird or something. After I checked his shop again I saw 100% positive feedback (191 feedback) and I couldn't find my neutral or other negative feedback anymore.

    Now I feel like I can not trust ebay sellers anymore.

    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
    lightstarm2k, Apr 5, 2014 IP
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  2. Lord Akori

    Lord Akori Member

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    Depending upon the situation the seller has the option to appeal to eBay to remove the negative remarks on their page but they will have to provide good reason why it shouldn't be included on their page in the end ultimately it is eBay Staff's decision to remove or not.
    Lord Akori, Jun 1, 2014 IP
  3. maurice.cowell

    maurice.cowell Greenhorn

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    I see, so that's what happened to the seller which I gave a neutral feedback. Thanks Lord Akori for the enlightenment. I didn't know that's possible. I think eBay staff should also contact the buyer on why he/she gave that kind of rating and hear the story.
    maurice.cowell, Sep 16, 2014 IP