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Earn money on Q&A

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Abraham Vivian, Jul 1, 2018.

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    If you are a person with an internet access then you can make really good earnings by joining on Answeree.

    People make questions there on Answeree. If you have an answer just put it there after logging in. You will be credited instantly. But you should not put any links or copied contents on your answer in order to get paid.
    A simple answer could make 10 cents and if people thank you there for your answer you will get another 4 cents for each thank you get. It's a recurring income. For eg: if your answer gets 25 upvotes or thanks then you will get (4x25 = 100 cents) 1 US dollar plus 10cents. So a total of 1.1 USD for a simple answer. If your answer get 100 thanks it will make a 4.1 USD.

    Another eg: Let's assume a community member on Answeree made 100 answers and leave it there for 6 months. You will be credited 10 dollars instantly for posting 100 answers. and after six months if your answer got an average of 10 thanks then you will get another 40 dollars without doing anything. ie: 10 x 100 = 1000 thanks - So 1000 x 40 cents = 40000 cents.

    I think you people got the idea. To start your earnings now visit Answeree.com.

    Thank You
    Abraham Vivian
    Answeree Moderator
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    Abraham Vivian, Jul 1, 2018 IP