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...:: Earn From Renting Your Car : High Converting Over $27.25 Per Sale! ::...

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by BlackIrish, Dec 9, 2011.

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    This is my latest product, it's about showing people how to earn a passive income from renting their vehicle to 3rd party users.

    Why Promote It?

    This product is one of it's kind, and taps into a completely new industry for which getting traffic and sales is extremely easy.
    I've noticed that the idea is quite viral (it makes sense to buyers - i.e., you are not making money out of thin air) and doesn't have any of the negative publicity of all the other previous methods sold by other vendors :D

    This works on both people that are new to money making methods (and are looking for some kind of extra monthly income) or people that have used some of the older available products (like paid surveys),
    but are looking for some new and better working alternative, which you've guessed it, is done by my product - MyCarPaid.

    The Website:

    The hoplink is:
    Code (markup):

    Affiliate materials (banners, keywords, articles, etc.):

    The conversion rate tests done with my buddy gave us a best converting rate of 1:17, while the average sales amount with a combined PPC and free traffic methods was 1:30.

    Feel free to contact me here on this topic or by PM if you need any specific help or additional affiliate resources (customer banners, etc.), I have loads of traffic ideas for this website.


    BlackIrish, Dec 9, 2011 IP
  2. johnhunter

    johnhunter Greenhorn

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    Hi, looks good can you elaborate a bit more on what the actual product is? Is it a way for people to pay you to advertise on your car using stickers?
    johnhunter, Dec 10, 2011 IP
  3. bofe

    bofe Greenhorn

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    Wow this looks quite professional, You got yourself one more affiliate
    I sanded you an PM with more details
    bofe, Dec 10, 2011 IP
  4. Junioreality

    Junioreality Active Member

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    looks like something fresh people would want to get into compared to the typical Mlms and internet marketing ebooks out there, but I can see interested buyers being hesitant to make a purchase due to wondering if they will need to also purchase a business license.
    Junioreality, Dec 27, 2011 IP