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Buying Earn $200 - Need Wordpress Plugin to get content from YACG

Discussion in 'Programming' started by shoedeluxe, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Hi all.

    A short way to describe the project would be create an interface between wordpress and YACG. When creating a new post in Wordpress, I want to be able to assign a post-keyword. Then the wordpress-plugin would add this keyword to the keyword list in YACG (a text file). Then wordpress would read the page generated (http://www.myYACGsite.com/MYKEYWORD) and put the title and text in the post.


    I have made a setup of YACG which provides me with pretty good scraped results when I feed it a list of foreign keywords (Link on request).

    Each keyword has a dedicated output page (generated by the page.php file), with scraped and markoved results.

    This setup of YACG uses the hooks ‘blogsearch’ in combination with the ‘markov_alt’ hook. The Markov_Alt hook is a different one than the markov hook that comes with the package. I can send you the customized setup of YACG for you to use, if you are interested in this project...

    You can also get the standard YACG at: http://www.getyacg.com (you have to register for the forum and get it there).

    See e.g. <LINK REMOVED - Will provide through PM)> for an online example. Try and reload the page; it will each time provide new scraped content.

    In order to make this work I identified the following tasks:

    Images inYACG:
    - Change the image scraping method, in such a way that it takes a random image from the result list (not always the first picture, but sometimes pic#3, then pic#1, then pic#8, etc.)
    - Add random between 0 and 2 image results (sometimes no images in output, sometimes 1 picture, sometimes 2 pictures – when 2 pictures, put one in front of article and one in end of article).
    - Consider scraping from altavista image search, instead of google image search, to minimize google’s suspicion.

    Scraped & Markoved content in YACG:
    - Put the keyword in the first sentence
    - Add keyword in the title if it is not in there from scraped results
    - Put the keyword in the last sentence
    - Keep the current html formatting from YACG (<p> <li> etc.)
    - Make sure no <h1> are used in scraped content (raplace them with h2 or h3)
    - If possible control the keyword density of the scraped content
    - Random format the main keyword (or a couple of words, with keyword) every once or twice e.g. bold, italic.
    E.g. “Lorem ipsum <b>dolor</b> sit amet, consectetur” or ”Lorem ipsum <b>dolor sit amet</b>, consectetur”. Max about 3 times or so…

    Wordpress plugin:
    - Add field on the edit-post-edit screen to enter/edit the target keyword, the current post should scrape
    - Add button on edit-post screen to load content from the specific YACG scraped page (to scrape a new post and to rescrape an already existing post)
    - In post-overview page (http://MYSITE.com/wp/wp-admin/edit.php), add extra column, with target keyword of the post
    - Plugin settings page: add possibility to enter a list of keywords, and dripfeed posts based on list of keywords
    - In settings page: Add possibility to select target language to scrape (using something something like $query = 'http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl=($language)&q='.urlencode($keyword); in the code). Possibility to add more languages.

    - Proxies. Might need the support for proxies, to avoid SE bans. Proxies are supported by YACG, but probably needs a way to automatically update list of working proxies.
    - Special character support (utf-8). Will be dealing with keywords like "møbler, Pruß, Elégance, etc..."

    My budget is about $200. I hope to hear from you!

    shoedeluxe, Oct 8, 2010 IP