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Earn $0.01 per post on a general forum (Minimum $5.00 payout)

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by furca, Feb 8, 2009.

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    For registration you will get: $0.25
    For each post you will get: $0.01
    Minimum payout: $5.00 via paypal

    This currency is kept track of with the use of forum points designated as TT$. Obviously this rate is far below what some people would be willing to pay, however we have no limit on the amount of posts you can make and you can start NOW. So while you are waiting for a posting job come & visit and earn money. This is currently in BETA.

    Link: http://www.topictown.com

    Also, your first 5 posts are moderated. Your primary language must be English.

    What's in the future? We may choose to allow 1,000+ posters to gain a rate of $0.015 per post or even $0.02.
    furca, Feb 8, 2009 IP
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  2. furca

    furca Well-Known Member

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    For the next 24 HOURS earn TT$0.02 per post! You can start NOW, there is no need to ask me if you can start. Remember, your first 5 posts are moderated.
    furca, Feb 11, 2009 IP