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Discussion in 'Payment Processing' started by funmom91, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Has anyone started using DWOLLA? I heard it is suppose to be PayPal's competition. Some clients have wanted to pay me this way but I had to turn them down because I not comfortable using payment methods that I know nothing about. Has anyone use DWOLLA to accept payment? How has it worked out for you?
    funmom91, Mar 19, 2013 IP
  2. jestep

    jestep Prominent Member Premium Member

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    It's more like a bank to bank transfer. They basically built their own payment system to compete with the ACH system. I've never come across anyone that has wanted to use it over a credit card. But, I would think it's a fairly safe method to use. They're definitely legitimate. I just couldn't imagine even 1% of shoppers wanting to use it.
    jestep, Mar 19, 2013 IP
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  3. AKraly

    AKraly Active Member

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    I wouldn't really consider them competition PayPal because their business model is totally different... either way, they are a solid company with excellent customer service. I highly recommend them as an additional way to receive funds.
    AKraly, Mar 26, 2013 IP