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Duplicate links in all reports in GA

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by Chertowski, Mar 6, 2020.

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    Hi all!
    I'm struggling to set up GA via GTM for a site that is a SPA and running on subdomains.
    I have created a view for each subdomain and applied the filters for subdomain tracking.
    Until today I used to see links in reports that included both subdomain and domain, they looked like this: subdomain.domain.com/somesection — and so on.
    I also had a different problem: because of the SPA I had to find an alternative way to track pageviews. Yesterday I applied this solution for my problem (I am now using gtm.newUrl to track history change) and it helped: GA started to count pageviews correctly which I see in reports now.
    But now I have a different problem: after I applied that solution, the links in reports started looking like this:
    If I set any date before yesterday (which is the day I applied the pageview tracking solution) in the reports, the links are shown correctly. But since yesterday they are doubled. I checked the filters and they seem to be fine. What else can be the issue?
    Before you ask, of course, I checked the GA community, and even made a post there but it's been a day and there's no answers, so I very much appreciate your help.
    Chertowski, Mar 6, 2020 IP