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Drupal CMS Setup

Discussion in 'Drupal' started by xarzu, Aug 30, 2007.

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    I just downloaded the latest version of Drupal and I loaded it on my web server. There is an interaction that takes place when you go to the index of its location that is supposed to complete the setup of the system..

    I have completed the first few steps of this. I change the protection of some directories etc.

    But I come to a hault when it comes to the part where the database is set up. It says that the database needs to already exist. OK, so I go into my website's admin area and I create a database. Then the error says that there is a problem locking a table (that does not exist). Am I also supposed to create this table for it? The problem with this is that I do not know the specifications of this table.

    To make sure I am doing everything like I am supposed to be, I even use the username and password settings that I have used for phpbb. Still, it gives me an error.
    xarzu, Aug 30, 2007 IP
  2. Colbyt

    Colbyt Well-Known Member

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    I have heard that Drupal can be a pain to install.

    Can you not install it from your control panel? All cPanel servers have fantastico and DirectAdmin has an installer also.
    Colbyt, Aug 30, 2007 IP
  3. jGirlyGirl

    jGirlyGirl Peon

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    I've done many Drupal installations and never had any issues. I've never played around with file permissions or any tables in the DB.

    After you upload all the Drupal files and create your database, you go to: http://yoursite.com/install.php. You enter the database name, user and password and click go. The installation process handles the file permissions and the installation of the DB tables for you.

    The database must exist, but you are not supposed to try and install the sql file. Is that what you attempted?
    jGirlyGirl, Aug 30, 2007 IP