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Dropshipping My Way To A Consistent 4k Profit Monthly

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by bill bosby, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Hi All, I'll try to keep this short and concise because nobody is interested in a life story monologue. 2 months ago I created my first dropshipping store, I tweaked it, ran ads via Google Adsense, received feedback and tweaked again and again. 1 month later and I still hadn't made a sale. After some soul searching, and some forum searching I stumbled upon a thread by Yaros where he systematically detailed how he was growing his dropshipping store.
    After reading through page after page of this thread I realized a lot of the mistakes I had made over the past 2 months.

    I have intermediate skills in:

    Web Design
    WordPress / Woocommerce

    This is my full-time job, I work about 8-12 hour days, and my goal for the next month is to hit 10 sales. Nothing crazy, but it would be a great boost to put some numbers up on the board. I plan on using this thread as a journal of sorts so I can track my progress and hopefully stay on track.
    bill bosby, Mar 27, 2018 IP
  2. bill bosby

    bill bosby Greenhorn

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    So for the past couple of weeks I've been working on redesigning my site. The whole purpose of using a custom design over let's say Davinci or any number of other out-of-the-box WooCommerce themes was I don't want the average customer to be able to identify the site as a dropshipping store.

    My vector is hopefully clear - I am dropshipping exercise compression gear aimed at fitness and gym enthusiasts. Right now I am only doing Mens wear (shirts / tanks / hoodies) but if all goes well I plan on expanding into compression sleeves, socks, and mirror products for women.

    Website Design

    I believe that plays into the psychology of the sale and the price points that I can make per item. With that said, here is my site:



    Feel free to critique - however it is currently not mobile or tablet friendly. There are several studies I have found to show that most people do their online shopping via desktop. (i.e) https://www.marketingcharts.com/industries/media-and-entertainment-67902

    It also seems to me to be common sense that someone doing first time shopping would be more likely to buy clothing from a relatively unknown brand (mine) on their desktop rather than smartphone. With that said, I will be updating the site for both mobile and tablet views in the coming weeks.

    I plan on adding generic descriptions to all products in the next week or so, it does make the product page itself look more professional and descriptive.

    There are also a couple pages I have seen that need work, but for now the user is able to click on products, read descriptions and reviews, add to cart, and checkout. It is not so much right now about getting sales, as it is seeing the user behavior flow on the site and identifying intentions. If people are willing to click products and add to cart, but end up not buying then I know the problem may be with the checkout page layout, the offer, payment options, etc.

    Social Media

    I am an absolute beginner when it comes to managing social media accounts, especially for a growing brand/business. After reading a quick tips thread, and glossing through the Yaros thread I established a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I have plans to create an Instagram in the future.

    instagram - *redacted*
    google+ - redacted

    My current strategy for Facebook is to post daily to the page, I am not doing any promotional posts for any social media accounts at the moment. I don't believe it is a very good strategy at the moment, but I want to populate the page with content to give the impression of a growing brand.

    My strategy for Google+ and Twitter are similar to facebook, but with Twitter I am going to start a campaign of following ~10 - 15 small accounts a day who may be interested in the content that I post. After 3 - 5 days I will remove most to all who have not followed back. Again no promotional content will be posted to these accounts until they gain a larger following.


    I am not an expert when it comes to SEO work, but I do know a thing or two after having worked at a company which handled a lot of SEO accounts. My current strategy for onsite SEO will be to ensure each major page is: properly meta tagged / h1's & h2's based on page content added / images alt tagged / schemas added / descriptions are written / and SEO content between 500 - 750 words are added

    I have created a spreadsheet here for creating new blog posts with the keyword research being done via google keyword planner. I may use Fiverr to have some of the smaller articles / posts written while I myself write the larger more detailed posts.

    (Keyword spreadsheet - *redacted*)

    I will also be looking to add 1 new blog post, between 750 - 1000 words and including (1 - 4) images every (1 - 3) days to the site. This is just off the top of my head, basic SEO work, hopefully when I sit down to start hammering through it I will come up with more that I can add and do.

    I would also like to look into Twitter and Instagram shoutouts in the future, but I feel that I should wait for my own social media pages to grow both organically & via paid followers before I do that.

    If I have overstepped, or forgotten anything in the above plan please feel free to let me know!

    Current Goal

    Using the above strategies over the coming 3 - 5 weeks, I would like to see a steady increase in direct, and social traffic. If I began doing ~100 - 300 new users daily by May 1st I would be very happy.

    Please let me know what you think of the above, I will post again when I've taken further action with my strategies.
    bill bosby, Mar 27, 2018 IP
  3. ridingthemoneywave

    ridingthemoneywave Peon

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    I'm surprised you are not getting much attention here. I know your last update was on March 27, but I'd like to know how is it going for you? I like your website, because it loads fast and that's a great aspect in proper UX.
    I also like the colors of your website and the navigation, because it is easy to use and fairly intuitive, so I think no user will get lost while using it.
    Furthermore, the fact that you clearly display your email and phone is another point in your favor, because your customers must have an easy way to contact you. In this regard, what are you using for customer support? It is a very interesting area for me, because I've seen great results from being quicker at the hour of answering to questions, be it through email, social media or live chat. I've even closed sales right in the live chat box hahaha. I'm currently using this stuff: https://www.kayako.com/ecommerce-customer-support
    My question is, have you used it? I'm always looking for comparisons hahaha, so I'd like to know what you use for your customer support.
    ridingthemoneywave, May 19, 2018 at 4:45 PM IP