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Driving traffic to MVP-minimum viable product

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Molzer, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I want to test some ideas. Testing MVP means i want to „offer“ people something or confront them with „ideas“ and see how they are reacting to it. From this i decide with which idea i continue an with which not.

    For i example i would like to „test“ what i could try to sell online or to see which topics people are interested in and which not.

    For doing this first of all i need traffic – because it would be probably much of testing free (or almost free) traffic is preffered.

    How can i get it?

    Molzer, Mar 15, 2019 IP
  2. jrbiz

    jrbiz Illustrious Member

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    I know of no way to get free, quality traffic to your website to bounce product ideas off of. Relevant forums or other social sites might be a place for you to start (as you have here) and perhaps you could attract a following to your own forum/social site that eventually would allow you to bounce ideas off of.

    Now, the key thing is that any approach will need to be niche-specific, for the most part. No sense bouncing fishing-related ideas to young women only interested in cosmetics and fashion. If you have a wide range of ideas covering all different types of products or services, it will be difficult to establish an audience that will provide quality feedback.
    jrbiz, Mar 17, 2019 IP