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DP- I am thankful

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by TopNotchwrites, Jul 14, 2013.

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    I don't know why i am getting so emotional. I have been reaching out to 2-3 other top listed forums and found that DP is the best. Almost no investment is required (just 3 quality posts) and you are ON!

    I am grateful to everyone out here and especially the DP owners who have given me such an opportunity to sell me services. FYI i have been able to develop a brick-and-mortar content writing unit out of this place :)

    TopNotchwrites, Jul 14, 2013 IP
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  2. Lavonta

    Lavonta Active Member

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    I also love DP! The main purpose that I wanted to be an established member here was that I wanted to sell my domains here. It took a few months before I got serious for the three likes! I'm not only able to sell some domains at the DP Marketplace, but also I have been learning a lot about domaining and other digital businesses! DP has been my favorite forum, and I'm more active here than any other forum! So, I join you to thank DP! Thank you, DP! :cool:
    Lavonta, Jul 14, 2013 IP
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  3. Puneetha K

    Puneetha K Active Member

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    Absolutely. The community here is Top Notch. They help, support and good way to market yourself.

    Just go to Freelancer.com -> How many fake jobs posted?!! I would say 50-60% or more are fake.

    People are real here.. especially after recent changes i believe!

    Within just matter of a week @DP, i was able to get a decent customer and my business got going. What's more a repetitive hiring what we achieved! In order to payback to DP, I took Premium Membership.

    Sharing is the best thing, infact best feeling :)

    Best Regards,
    Puneetha K
    Puneetha K, Jul 15, 2013 IP
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  4. wproute

    wproute Active Member

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    I have stopped selling most of my services here in dp ( i still have the design services left) bec ive moved on to other things but i still hang around here bec back then when I didn't have clients yet I started here and made money here.. where i dont have to pay to start a thread and where there were other members who sincerely helped me out. I will always owe that to dp.
    wproute, Jul 15, 2013 IP
  5. robbydeletter

    robbydeletter Well-Known Member

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    Dp is without a doubt the best out there.
    The community is great and we understand that helping each other is the best way to grow. I'm also ery thankfull because thanks of dp we learn every day new things:)
    robbydeletter, Jul 15, 2013 IP
  6. Rebecca

    Rebecca Notable Member

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    I think DP is the best too!

    Rebecca, Jul 16, 2013 IP
  7. VukasinI

    VukasinI Banned

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    Hmm, I must agree Digital Point is one good forum, but like every other forum, it is only a bus station to the end... If you want to become great in your business, your job can't rely just on DP.. Lately, I'm not posting here so much, cause I realize that most of time spent here is wasted... I'm here now only for business and nothing else..
    VukasinI, Jul 16, 2013 IP