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Download/File Host/warez sites WANTED! - Best PPI rates ever!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by wa8z, May 21, 2016.

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    Have You got LOADS of Win/mac Installs or your website has a lot of traffic in this niche and want to try to earn way more money from it?
    We are the best paying PayPerInstall network at the moment, we do change our installer/domains every 2nd day so virtually no antivirus ever blocks us.

    Looking for websites in download niches, file hosts, warez,torrents etc..
    Loads of options.. and SUPER fast payments for those with good volumes.

    If you got a website you want to make way more than you will ever make from your Current network,
    just contact me via PM or my skype:

    Skype: Tomcom229
    wa8z, May 21, 2016 IP
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    You are use a skype?
    InstallsUp, Nov 15, 2016 IP