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dot IN registrar Mitsu Inc.'s domains seized by IN Registry

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by NameLane.com, Oct 30, 2017.

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    The dot IN Registrar Mitsu, Inc. was effectively TERMINATED last week.

    In an apparent move to safeguard the interests of domain owners, over 20000 of them the dot IN (India) Registry operator/authority NIXI sent a notification to several registrants that they need to migrate their domains from the Registrar Mitsu Inc. and follow steps/instructions in the e-mail

    The domains were marked as

    A screenshot of this email was shared across several Domain Name related forums yesterday - the pending action was taken late Friday Oct 27th with domains moved to NIXI Holding Account (R189-AFIN)

    Text of the email as shared on forums - with header verified by the recepients

    Dear Registrant / Customer,

    This is to inform that the registrar account of your current registrar – Mitsu Inc. has been terminated by National Internet Exchange of India(NIXI) which manages the .IN Registry.

    In view of the termination, your registrar will not be able to provide you any domain management services for .IN or .भारत (in all supported languages).
    In order to protect your rights and commercial interests,.IN Registry hereby informs you to transfer your domain(s) to an alternate Accredited Registrar of .IN Registry of your choice. Please view the link below for the list of registrars - https://registry.in/Accredited_Registrars

    You may contact your preferred new registrar on your own for transferring your domain(s) and follow the process as may be advised by the new registrar.

    Meanwhile to maintain continuity, .IN Registry is taking over the control of your domain names and if you require any changes to your existing contact details or Nameserver associated with your domain name, you are requested to send an email from your registrant email id, as reflecting in whois records to .

    While moving to a new registrar, you are requested to contact .IN Registry to obtain your domain authorization or “AUTH CODE” – which will be required by the new registrar to initiate transfer of your domain(s).

    You are requested to complete the transfer process in the next 15 days from the date of this email. If not, .IN Registry will initiate its own process to transfer your domain to another registrar as may be determined by .IN Registry.

    Sincerely yours,
    National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
    NameLane.com, Oct 30, 2017 IP
  2. Dynadot

    Dynadot Active Member

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    Has anyone here experienced problems getting domains that were registered with Mitsu Inc. unlocked for transfer?
    Dynadot, Nov 13, 2017 IP
    pupul likes this.
  3. pupul

    pupul Notable Member

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    One relative of mine experienced problem while transfer.
    Mitsu Inc is not a honest. I moved all my domains from them as they had done a small scam.
    Mitsu Inc stole a Bank Draft, they said bank draft have wrong info.
    I paid full amount with extra charges again & asked them to return the bank draft.
    But they always promised to return & but never returned.
    So from this experience of mine with Mitsu.in, I can say Mitsu.in is fraud.
    Your domain is not safe with them.
    pupul, Dec 12, 2017 IP
  4. dnk

    dnk Well-Known Member

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    I cannot change the DNS settings for the Mitsu domains , is anyone else facing the same problem
    dnk, May 9, 2019 IP