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Don't use Freelancer.com if you don't want to lose money

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Peter Greene, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. dbs00

    dbs00 Member

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    I've had good experience hiring freelancers there. idk sometimes they are billing a few $ extra after the project is done and my acc goes into negative ( since they are uploading the funds exactly as the milestones+ payment processing fees) ... weird now I have +6$ :) hehe guess they toke funds themself
    dbs00, Mar 30, 2017 IP
  2. MCTarakan

    MCTarakan Member

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    I had an account with them and there was around 300 EUR on it. I didn't login for a wild (3-6 month) and found that my account been closed with NO notice via email or so...
    I did use it as freelancer and as project manager. I had no issues with my clients and partners before account been closed.

    Contacted their support last week but no respoce since :(

    So I realy hope it was some sort of issue and they will solve it as before I had good experience as freelancer and made some money with them.
    MCTarakan, Jul 24, 2017 IP
  3. expels

    expels Member

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    Digital Goods:
    That's the downside of being a freelancer. You somehow have to rely on freelancer sites, knowing that they could easily destroy your income with a click of a mouse.
    expels, Jul 25, 2017 IP
  4. VirtualHelp4U

    VirtualHelp4U Peon

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    I was never big on using them before they were even acquired so happy I avoided that crap. I use Upwork more often than anything just wish their fees weren't so high. I mean you pay a monthly fee then lose a pretty decent percentage of your earned income but I guess that is the breaks when using their platform.
    VirtualHelp4U, Jul 27, 2017 IP
  5. cronik

    cronik Well-Known Member

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    Freelancer has never worked for me. I have had success with literally every big freelancing site except for freelancer.
    cronik, Oct 13, 2017 IP
  6. gregdavidson

    gregdavidson Well-Known Member

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    Are they charging the freelancers or the people looking to hire freelance workers?
    gregdavidson, Oct 15, 2017 IP
  7. Cyber2018

    Cyber2018 Peon

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    I was deducted 30+USD x 14 months=430 USD membership fee from credit card. The last deduction was stopped and I was scammed almost 400 USD by Freelancer. I contacted an employer whose name is Erwin C and the guy replied they can refund at most 6 months of membership fee 2nd December,2017 when I communicated with Freelancer. Today I login my account and found they ask me to provide government issued identification like ID,passport,photo,signature,birth date information and my residential bill information before I can refund my money from my freelancer account to my credit card account. I consulted my bank and was told these documents and information could be used to fraud authorization on behalf of the account owner,me,myself. I have emailed Freelancer and asked them to refund me money unconditionally. I hope someone here can tell me how to communicate with this company. Their action is dangerous to society. I am in Shanghai,China.

    Here I post the details of my communication with Freelancer:

    Username: williamcyber

    I know this chat box looks
    broken but it's not! :) You'll be able to type and 'send' a message as soon as
    an agent gets connected with you. **Please keep this chat window open (don't
    close it!) to hold your spot in the queue. :) ** We want to help you asap!

    You are now chatting with Erwin
    C. (CX Specialist - Live Chat Support). Let us know if our Customer Support
    Agent assisted you well by answering the survey at the end of the chat.

    14:35Erwin C.:Hi, this is Erwin. Welcome to Freelancer.com Support

    14:35Erwin C.:How may I help you, Williamcyber?

    14:36williamcyber:hi, my ticket ID is AEM-704-70354

    14:36Erwin C.:please give me a minute or two to look into this.

    14:37williamcyber:after submitting the request, I am trying
    to cancel my membership

    14:38williamcyber:I follow the instruction, to click the
    setting, then membership, but when I click the membership under setting menu,
    there is no response

    14:39williamcyber:I need to cancel the membership immediately

    14:39Erwin C.:please give me more time to look into this.

    14:39williamcyber:"If you wish to go back to Free
    Membership, you can cancel your current membership plan instead.

    To do
    this, click the thumbnail profile picture from your Dashboard page and select
    Settings. On your Settings page, select the Membership tab and click


    14:47Erwin C.:Our records show that you took advantage of the Free
    Trial of our Professional Membership on 25 October 2016.

    14:47Erwin C.:Since it was not downgraded back to Free, it was
    automatically renewed with its respective charge.

    14:47Erwin C.:Moreover, since you didn't have funds when the renewal
    occurred, the system drafted funds from your credit card due to our billing

    14:47Erwin C.:There should also be a notification on the Newsfeed of
    your Dashboard which states that your Professional Membership will
    automatically renew at $29.95 USD per month, starting Nov 25, 2016 unless you
    cancel it before then.

    14:47Erwin C.:As a one-time courtesy, we may stop your membership and
    refund up to 6 months of the fees that you incurred.

    14:47Erwin C.:However, you will lose all of the benefits of the said
    plan listed below:

    14:47Erwin C.:300 Bids Per Month, 100 Skills, Daily Withdrawals, Unlock
    Rewards, Unlimited Project Bookmarks, Preferred Freelancer Eligible, Custom
    Cover Photo, 20 Employer Followings, 15 External Invoicings, Free Project
    Extensions, Free Sealed Projects, High Value Project Bidding.

    14:48Erwin C.:Would you like to proceed with the cancellation of your
    plan, the refund of 6 months of its fee, and lose the mentioned benefits?

    14:49williamcyber:why not return me all money?

    14:50williamcyber:please tell me the reason you charge me
    without my consent

    14:51williamcyber:even I have make use of your free trial,
    you still have no reason to charge me without my consent

    14:52williamcyber:I have reported to my local police office
    and China Bank

    14:53williamcyber:I don't need any benefits you mentioned

    14:54williamcyber:I even don't know what are they

    14:55williamcyber:I am angry just because I was charged money
    by others without my consent.

    14:56williamcyber:no body sent me even a email to verify the
    confirmation of my spending.

    14:57williamcyber:I feel to be stole by someone

    14:58Erwin C.:As discussed, the charges were for the renewal of your
    Professional Membership that you incurred.

    14:58Erwin C.:The auto-deposit from your credit card was due to our
    billing agreement.

    14:58Erwin C.:Adding a verified payment source or initially depositing
    funds automatically activates a billing agreement.

    14:58Erwin C.:This payment feature has been implemented so depositing
    funds via credit card becomes a one-step process which can be completed on the

    14:59Erwin C.:Also, please give me more time to see if it is possible
    to refund all the fees you incurred.

    15:00williamcyber:please show me any agreements which prove
    my fault for my being charged by anyone else. I need them.

    15:00williamcyber:Thank you , sir.

    15:01williamcyber:My angry is to Freelancer, rather than a
    specific employee

    15:02williamcyber:If I offended you personally, I am sorry.

    15:06williamcyber:It is just today when I clicked the
    confirmation email to activate my account in order to operate to cancel my
    membership with Freelancer website. You can check if I said the fact.

    15:10Erwin C.:You may check the notification on your Dashboard which
    states that the said membership will renew at $29.95 USD per month, starting
    Nov 25. Also, we may refund only up to 6 months of the fees that you incurred.

    15:11Erwin C.:Would you like to proceed with the refund of 6 months of
    the fees that you incurred and cancellation of the said plan?

    15:14williamcyber:first please delete my membership today.
    second return me money what you said . third I tell you here I will start the
    accuse from my local administration.

    15:15williamcyber:If you think you have proper reason to
    refuse returning my rest amount of money please show me any agreement.

    15:17williamcyber:That I am wronged is worse than the money I
    lost. Because you still do not admit your improper doing.

    15:24Erwin C.:We have now stopped the said plan and refunded up to 6
    months of the fees that you incurred to your Freelancer.com account.

    15:24Erwin C.:It is also stated on section "6. Fees and
    Services" or our site's Terms and Conditions that "We charge fees for
    certain services, such as introduction fees for Projects, listing upgrades and

    15:24Erwin C.:Furthermore, there is a notification on the Newsfeed of
    your Dashboard which informed you that the said membership plan will renew at
    $29.95 USD per month, starting Nov 25 2016 unless you cancel it before then.

    15:24Erwin C.:Since you have been notified about this on our site and
    you failed to cancel your membership before it renewed, you were charged the
    fee for its renewal according to our site's Terms and Conditions.

    15:24Erwin C.:You may check our site's Terms and Conditions on the link

    15:24Erwin C.:https://www.freelancer.com/about/terms

    15:29Erwin C.:Is there anything else that I can help you with?


    15:30Erwin C.:If you have other questions, kindly let us know so that
    we may provide recommendations.

    15:31williamcyber:I just have made use of the free trial. I
    can keep my property safe with out answering any notification from an equal
    business company.

    15:32williamcyber:I have received many emails including spam

    15:33williamcyber:need I to see and reply every one of them
    to protect my money from being charged?

    15:34williamcyber:the terms is defined by Freelancer who is
    not government ,nor judge

    15:35williamcyber:why should I have to reply the notification
    from Freelancer to ensure my money still in my purse?

    15:36williamcyber:yes , I made use of the free trial. But it
    is free trial.

    15:37williamcyber:Is there any agreement to rule that I have
    to reply your notifications if I used your free trial?

    15:38Erwin C.:Just to clarify, it is also stated in section 1. of our
    site's Terms and Conditions that "By accessing the Website, you agree to
    the following terms with Freelancer.".

    15:38Erwin C.:Also, if you are referring to the charges for the said
    membership, you do not have to reply to every email or notification.

    15:38Erwin C.:What you could have done was downgrade the said
    membership plan before it renewed since our site has informed you of its
    renewal with its respective charge starting Nov 25, 2016.

    15:38Erwin C.:Since you failed to cancel it and downgrade to Free
    before its renewal date even after you have been informed on our site, you were
    charged fees for it according to our site's Terms and Conditions.

    15:41williamcyber:who has the right to set an automatic
    trigger to take my money when he/she is not aware of?

    15:41williamcyber:you have not answer my question directly

    15:43williamcyber:I don't have responsibility to do anything
    to keep my money safe.

    15:46williamcyber:Freelancer want to get my money. Freelancer
    set its questions to be replied from me. They are Freelancer's issue, they are
    Freelancer's business tricky, nothing to do with me, nothing to do with my
    responsibility of doing something.

    15:49williamcyber:My money should be safe no matter are there
    any notifications or other questions raised by anyone else to be responsed.

    15:54Erwin C.:As earlier discussed, the automatic deposit from your
    credit card was due to our billing agreement which our site implements so that
    depositing funds via credit card becomes a one-step process which can be
    completed on the site.

    15:54Erwin C.:We also respect your opinion.

    15:54Erwin C.:However, as discussed, you were charged the fees as you
    have failed to cancel your membership plan to free before its renewal date.

    15:54williamcyber:in 10 minuted I will have to leave to do
    something else. the discussion will be stopped but the cased is not ended.
    thank you, sir

    15:55williamcyber:the case is not ended

    15:55williamcyber:till you return all my money

    15:56williamcyber:thank you for listening my reasoning
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
    Cyber2018, Jan 14, 2018 IP
  8. charmingjill

    charmingjill Peon

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    I have $600 in my freelancer account, and they limited my account, how can I get the money back or withdraw the money without go through the verification process?
    charmingjill, Apr 16, 2018 IP
  9. vishwakarma

    vishwakarma Peon

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    I have started my new business , I did not hire any accountant to handle my accounts.. i use a accounting software for it. can you guide me that i have a right decision or have not?
    vishwakarma, Apr 17, 2018 IP
  10. MCTarakan

    MCTarakan Member

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    well.. no respond from support so I reported site as phishing to Google.

    Any other option to report it as FRAUD site?
    MCTarakan, Aug 2, 2018 IP
  11. EDDesign

    EDDesign Member

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    I would never invest money in such a place. If you want to invest in your business, it's preferable to create a website and then invest in SEO
    EDDesign, May 21, 2019 IP
  12. Orol

    Orol Member

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    It's not this website's fault.
    There are different people who suggest services and jobs and you can never know who will cheat you the next time.
    Orol, May 24, 2019 IP
  13. MatBerrows

    MatBerrows Greenhorn

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    this website has big competition rates between freelancers.
    the bigger portfolio you have the more quality job you will get.
    MatBerrows, May 24, 2019 IP