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Domains in addition to webhosting.

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by steveinid, Apr 3, 2005.

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    I run a small webhosting co. that is basically invitation only. I mostly offer free hosting to local organizations and charge a low yearly figure to people with small websites. Now, I'm thinking of adding domain name registration to this but know nothing about domain name reselling and how it works. I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in a direction. I've looked around and it is getting harder to separate the hype from truth these days.
    steveinid, Apr 3, 2005 IP
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    Domain reselling is very simple. It is just like reselling any other products.
    The small difference is that you're charging for the service of registering the name.
    The profit you get for each domain is the difference between what the registrar charges you
    and what you charge the customer. You become an agent of that registrar.
    There are hundreds of accredited registrars to choose from but you have to read the fine prints.
    Most will have to singn a contract which they will state the terms. The price varies by the amount of
    commitment you're willing to take. By that I mean, how many domains you're expecting to sell in a monthly period.
    The more you sell, the cheaper they'd willing take for each domain. Most will require prepaid for certain number of domains
    which entitled you to discount. Which registrar to go with would be depending on your amount of commitment really.
    Many of our customers resell domains they buy from us. They just don't have the volume needed to deal directly with registrars.
    If you're planning to becoming volume seller, hundreds per month, here's where you can find a list of registrars to research.


    Hope you'll find it useful.