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Domain Selling Secrets

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by wonay, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Please note that there are several estimations used in this article.

    So, please be careful enough to do your own research before blindly following the intense material that follows....

    There are tons and tons of domain investors online today.

    Literally thousands of them, each owning an average of 30 domains in their proud portfolios.

    Some own above 500 domains in their domaining treasury.

    And, a few more own over 1000 domains at the same time.

    The reason most of these domain investors spend hard cash on buying domains is because they feel that they can sell those domains for a neat profit one day.

    However, it is not that easy to sell off one's domains in the adverse conditions and fierce competition that exists in the domain market today.

    There are Millions of domains on sale at the same time, and the domain market has over a dozen major auction players.

    But, sadly, there are just 50,000 odd domains names that "actually" sell each month.

    Which means that less than 2% of the total domains listed for sale online are sold.

    Therefore, over 98% domains owned by those "money" hungry domain investors don't sell, and most of them probably never will.

    It became pretty important for me to try and understand what characteristics did those domain names have which helped them sell.

    And, what qualities do those "name" investors have which help them choose "winning" domain names to register or buy in the first place.

    Winning domains are those domains which always sell, no matter what the conditions existing in the market are.

    I firmly believe that knowing what makes these "winning" domains sell will help all of us sell many more domain names.

    After a detailed study of these "winning" domain names and such successful domain investors I narrowed my focus to a few secrets that these "2 Percent" domain names that sold had.

    The first of these secrets is to BE FLEXIBLE in the domain market.

    The more flexible you are, the more domains you will eventually sell each year.

    One must be as flexible as WATER to survive and thrive in a huge domaining world.

    WATER has wonderful qualities when it comes to their inherent flexibilities.

    When you pour water into a tea cup then the molecules of water huddle together and convert themselves into the shape of the tea cup itself.

    Whereas when water is poured into a swimming pool then the water molecules huddle together and convert themselves into the shape of the swimming pool.

    When an object is plunged into the water then the water displaces herself to make way for the object inserted into her.

    This is what essentially formed the basis for the Archimedes Principle.

    So, what one can notice about WATER is that she adapts herself to her surrounding environment.

    Similarly, we must adapt ourselves to our surrounding domain environment.

    Water is truly flexible, and the best part about her is that she does not lose her essence when she is placed into a vessel of any shape or kind.

    Plain water remains plain water no matter what vessel she is placed in.

    But, then there is another magical aspect about Water that makes me share this here.

    And, it is this magical quality of water that makes her such a wonderful substance, a life saving liquid, and an important ingredient in the makeup of planet earth.

    And, using this magical quality of water in a domain selling environment will greatly help you sell more domains with ease.

    What is this magical quality?

    Now, let us examine (in our minds) what happens to WATER when coffee beans are added to her and brought to boil over a flame of fire.

    The color of water starts to turn dark brown within a minute of the coffee beans being added to her.

    In fact, the water takes on a shade of the "darkest" browns the more she is boiled over the fire.

    And, magically the strong smell (or aroma) of coffee spreads all around the environment.

    The coffee aroma grows stronger and stronger as the coffee beans are boiled in the water some more.

    This is one simple examination of the magical quality of water.

    She makes the coffee (along with the fire) grow stronger and stronger.
    Let us examine another one.

    Let us see what happens when WATER is boiled along with a potato in a cooking vessel.

    The more the water is boiled, the more the potato becomes softer and softer as the time goes by.

    Now, let us assume that the domain investors selling domains online are WATER, COFFEE BEANS and POTATOES.

    This is just an assumption to explain the magical quality of water better.

    The "potato" domain investors are those domaining experts who fail to sell their domains on a regular basis in the domain market.

    They simply lose their steam completely and break down once they start feeling the heat in the domain environment.

    They grow more and more disgruntled and complain about the "sorry" state of the domain market and even ask you to guess how many DOT COs will drop in the month.

    They make all the excuses in the world for not being able to sell their domain names.

    Meanwhile, the "coffee" domain investors are those domaining experts who also fail to sell their domains on a regular basis in the domain market.

    You will probably wonder why the "coffee" domainers don't sell their domains either.

    And, you have a good reason to wonder, after all, in the experiment above the coffee aroma grew stronger and stronger as the water became darker and darker.

    In the next part of this post (which will be online soon) we shall see why "coffee" domainers suck at selling domains, and what is this magical quality of water that I am talking about here.

    The current link to the second part is....

    This original article was made possible with the help of waystomakemoney .info
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013
    wonay, Feb 8, 2013 IP
  2. psharma

    psharma Notable Member

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    Oh you are doing it so wrong! You should not have started three threads to share your story in 3 parts.
    psharma, Feb 9, 2013 IP
  3. Wulkanen

    Wulkanen Well-Known Member

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    Gah, why do you press enter after every sentence? It makes no sense and is really messing up the way people read what you have written. Please fix it. :/
    Wulkanen, Feb 9, 2013 IP
  4. Chaos Proxy

    Chaos Proxy Member

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    Half of the story is about water and it's abilities.
    How about you write a story about air now? How it keeps birds afloat, for an example.
    Chaos Proxy, Apr 10, 2013 IP
  5. matt_62

    matt_62 Notable Member

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    Interesting article...
    Perhaps I got lost on the water references... but... like water, getting everyone to soak up all available, drinkable water (without actually using it) means that the value increases, and on that ridiculous and irrelevant analogy, if there were no people hogging domain names left right and center, the value of holding such domains would undoubtedly be reduced. Hence its only profitable if everyone does it.
    The more TLDs that start to rain down, the more we need more small time, wanna be domainers to soak up all available useful alternatives, hence being able to justify to people why $20k is acceptable for specific domains, simply as there is no other viable name available anywhere.
    Often when I write articles, I will use openoffice. When you copy/paste into the forums, it adds and extra blank line at every enter. It is frustrating and annoying, (especially when I have written a single 50 page articles (game guide) that went on a forum before) and nearly spent more time editing it and reformatting it then I did in writing it.
    matt_62, Apr 10, 2013 IP