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Domain names and seo.

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by matt_62, Apr 2, 2022.

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    This is intended both for a topic of discussion, but to also share my recent experience.

    Everywhere I look, there are many articles saying that having keywords in a domain are beneficial to a website. There are only a small handful saying that "in 2022, this is no longer relevant."

    ok.... so whats the final answer.

    Then I found a bunch of websites say that keywords in domain names have no effect, UNLESS its a localised TLD. Such as:
    (there are many . city now available to many).
    Is this for real?? Does keyword domains in a . city tld affect seo??

    So I decided an experiment. (There are a bunch of city TLD's so people from across the world may or may not benefit from this discussion.)

    I set up a site, example 1 . com.au. Minimal information. No keyword built content or other. Its a site, with basically a bunch of pretty pics, and call to action button.
    For reference, a .com.au is around $45 dollary doos for 2 years, or $33 freedoms if you are used to USD.
    I also set up another site, keywords . sydney. (for reference, this domain is discounted for the first year and then it is $65 dollary doos for a second year, or $49 freedoms. This is not a cheap or spammy TLD by any means)
    On this website, I filled it with more information on the services provided. The homepage has substantially better quality content. BOTH websites are intended to be as a business home page, for the same company.

    I submitted both urls to google to crawl. At the 4-6week mark, the on page and off page seo and backlinking done on both of them was ZERO.

    But, I could go to google and search for "example 1 . com.au" and find the exact website. Thats great. In fact, I can find it by typing in "example 1". Wonderful. The keyword based domain??? Well, I cant type in the real url ie "keywords . sydney" and no results found.even having http.... THE FULL url no result.

    I have since made a few articles, and submitted each url to google. Even going to google with the exact motha f***ing URL, google shows NO RESULTS even though each one is crawled by google, and I can check stats with googles url inspection tool.

    So does keywords in a domain name help your website in 2022? My results say no, and if anything, having keywords in a domain name can see your website penalised, but of course, your results may vary.

    Im still running this experiment. Domain expires in ~10months time. I might have an update soon as I have am adding more articles to "keywords . sydney" and have hired someone to help with seo.
    matt_62, Apr 2, 2022 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I bought a .one domain to do a different type of SEO research so interested in what you're doing.

    My main concern about keywords in the domain is that people learn not to trust those sites in the results - they know the site will be general, lead generating or spammy.

    Taking your example, I'd never look up Sydney plumber, it'd be hornsby plumber and I'd rely on Google to know that I'm talking about the Hornsby (or wherever) that is "near me". So if I googled hornsby plumber and the results showed up with sydneyplumbers.com.au I'd think it was just going to be a spammy directory or a company wanting to take my details to pass on.

    I tried one of those sites last year when I was moving house and they claimed to have the best prices for moving. Out of the 10 quotes I got, theirs was the worst. People are working this out and avoiding those kinds of domains.
    sarahk, Apr 2, 2022 IP
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