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Domain Clearout - All start at $1 - Exbright.com, Vi.sitors.com, Azble.com and more!

Discussion in 'Domains' started by oxidati0n, Feb 21, 2009.

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    I've got a clean and healthy portifolio, but I feel that it's time I threw out the domains that I don't use.
    All domains are Google-safe and have clean history. Can be used for pretty much anything. I have no idea on the backlinks, or PageRank for the domains.

    I accept PayPal. If you want to buy all domains, I'll sell them all for $100. Domains are all regged with Name.com.


    Vi.sitors.com (Exp. 2009-07-17)
    Adve.rtising.com (Exp.2009-07-17)
    Autoclicker.org (Exp. 2009-04-08)
    Dev.elopers.org (Exp. 2009-07-17)
    Zixy.org (Exp. 2009-10-05)
    Buxero.com (Exp. 2009-09-20)
    MusicMe.info (Exp. 2009-08-17)
    Exbright.com (Exp. 2009-04-23)
    Exbright.net (Exp. 2009-04-23)
    Exbrite.net (Exp. 2009-04-18)
    Azble.com (Exp. 2009-02-24)
    Widget.bz (Exp. 2009-08-20)
    faceL3ook.com (Exp. 2009-03-15) (BIN: $2)

    Remember BIDDING starts at $1 for all domain.. Discounts for BULK BIN's.. If you want BIN price for domains please contact me.
    oxidati0n, Feb 21, 2009 IP