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Do You Know Anyone Addicted To Oxycotin Or Methadone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Devils-Reject, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Do You Know Anyone Addicted To Oxycotin Or Methadone?
    i personally am addicted to oxys but i have a rare bone disease and Rheumatoid arthritis and i take it due to the pain is unbelievable though out my entire body. i have been eating oxys for 2 years for breakfast lunch and dinner.
    i am addicted to it even though i need it.

    its getting harder and harder to get my meds due to all the controversy surrounding the drug.

    the people who take it for fun make it hard for people like me who need it to even crawl outa bed.

    if my meds run out to soon, i literally live in bed untill my next script comes in and run to the drug store to get it and i eat 2 30mg tabs b4 even leaving the pharmacy.

    i live in a very small town on the out skirts of a major city & in my town it seems everyone is addicted to meth, methadone or oxys.
    when i first started getting my pills i always had allot left over so i would sell them off to pay my bills.
    and it worked i remember this one time i had 80mg tabs and i sold them for $60 each and with in 2 days i had $4000 cash in hand. the effects of this drug is bad but so helpfull to those who need it.

    is the addiction as bad in your town as mine?

    it just makes me mad that the people who abuse it make it hard to get it for those who need it and now latily the celebs are dropping like flys from the shit, making it even harder to get.
    Devils-Reject, Jul 11, 2009 IP