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Do not trust Paypal - STILL waiting for payment of a refund after nearly 2 months

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by Rochus, Mar 22, 2018.


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    I have paid via Paypal on 23rd January nearly 3 K to British Airways for 4 flights (my family) which I cancelled and got refunded by B.A. on the 27th . After 3 weeks it still hadn`t "cleared " according to Paypal and showed as "pending" in my Paypal account. I wrote to Paypal and asked what the problem was and they said British Airways hadn`t paid them . So - believing Paypal - I gave British Airways a hard time over several email and telephone calls just to realize (after I had spoken to a B.A. supervisor) that Brit. Airways actually DID pay them !!!! I got the PROOF of payment sent via email. I telephoned Paypal again and gave them the Transaction Reference after which they finally admitted they had been sitting on my money ALL THIS TIME !!! I am now waiting for a phone call to see what`s happening but I can just assume that they will keep fobbing me off and try not to pay me as long as they can. This is bordering on the criminal especially as I have a heart condition and this is all very upsetting for me. I have documentation to prove the above (including my heart condition).

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    Rochus, Mar 22, 2018 IP
  2. bxqzblog

    bxqzblog Greenhorn

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    It's not my love for crypto that makes me like bitcoin, it's hatred towards paypal :(

    I feel your pain...
    bxqzblog, Mar 22, 2018 IP
  3. phptechie

    phptechie Well-Known Member

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    I read your post & understand your frustration.
    I have been using Paypal since 2006 & I had few issues in the past , had tried many times to resolve through Customer care which took time to resolve.
    But then I came to know that their Twitter support @AskPayPal provides quick resolution , so contacted them during business hours & resolved my issues within couple of hrs.
    So please try their Twitter support & your problem should be resolved quickly :)
    I wish you all the best.
    phptechie, Mar 24, 2018 IP