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Do Keyword Research & Build A Website The Smart Way

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by Mahe, Aug 22, 2014.


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    Doing keyword research for the purpose of buying exact match domains is silly these days.

    Also looking at keyword CPC if you are building an adsense site will not get you far either.

    Reason being that with an EMD it is very easy to trigger overoptimization penalty with Google and when it comes to CPC... you do not really target one keyword if you are building a website these days.

    What I mean by that is that a website should be topic oriented rather than keyword specific.

    So if your specific keyword has a CPC of $0.10 but other more competitive keywords in that niche $5, it would be silly not to go for it.

    Say you want to target "hockey pucks". If you build your website on hockeypucks.net domain, you might easily trigger a penalty.

    However if you get something like ilovehockey.net and make a section on your website about hockey pucks among other things, naturally your website will rank for all sorts of keywords, provided that you backlinking profile paints the right picture.
    Again, targeting a single keyword when backlinking will get you a penalty but if you start linking to various pages on your site all related to hockey, you will rank more easily for a specific hockey related phrase you want to target.

    Google these days likes ranking website according to topic rather than a specific keyword.
    That is why so many small adsense websites got hit and don't work anymore.

    Another story is onsite SEO and internal linking- if done correctly you will easily rank for the keywords found with your research software.

    Among research software you can use these days, there are really only two choices.
    This video reviews and shows how to go about doing just that.

    In a nutshell, keyword research is not dead and the research software is still very useful provided you build your website the smart way as I outlined before:)
    Mahe, Aug 22, 2014 IP