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Do I have to delete the whole website page ?

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by xiaohost.com, Mar 29, 2018.

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    I have received the website violation notification, and then all the advertising has been stopped.

    ok, i need fix it....

    According to the notice, there are two ways to deal with it comply with the policy requirements.

    1.Removes the Google ad code on this part of the page
    2.Delete or modify the page's content with the Google's policy requirements
    what did i do?

    i had removed the ad code on the page,both of the page that u say it's incorrect,and i will never using the code on this part of page.

    what happens at the end?

    rejected over and over...........even there is nothing about google adsense at all on the page

    maybe there were some contents in copyright's problem,but others is ok

    do I have to delete the whole website page ? this is what google adsense want ?

    i really wann to know if the policy can be change anytime ?

    is there anybody can connect with google's adsense customer service staff ?
    i really really...wann to know how to deal with it,i have been rejectd in three times

    ...........my god it's terrible.....i'm going to crazy..
    xiaohost.com, Mar 29, 2018 IP