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DNS Server Logs - Insignt on DDoS

Discussion in 'Security' started by Iron Hide, Feb 26, 2013.

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    I am working on a school project where we are analyzing DNS logs for potential attacks. I know its DDoS attack but I want to go a little deep to get more insight of whats going on.

    Can someone please give me more insight on who is attacking and who's the target here for these couple logs:

    I know IP address ( is coming from China, and its requesting root server, but who is the target here. Its also a DDoS attack but who are they targeting.?
    Looks same as above but IP address is from L.A and now its ./A/IN. Same question, who is the target and whats going on.

    This one is interesting:

    Does that mean Facebook is being attack and our DNS server is being used as botnet? I know its denying query bcoz recursion is off but still are they targeting FB here?

    I will really appreciate if anyone can provide me more info on there three lines.

    Iron Hide, Feb 26, 2013 IP