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Selling Discussion Website - Finished

Discussion in 'Sites' started by abcdefGARY, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Username: danny
    Password: digitalpoint

    This is a discussion website, where members can talk about current events or whatever is on their mind and choose to like or dislike other topics. Topics older than 1 week close automatically, forcing users to move on to newer discussions. Topics can be bumped up by a comment only if the comment is made by someone other than the comment author, so this encourages everyone to see what is currently being discussed. The popularity of a conversation is determined by the total number of comments and/or the total sum of likes and dislikes.

    My idea came from Facebook wall conversations. However, in Facebook, you are only allowed to like certain topics, and there is no option to dislike them. I'm selling this website because I have no time to pursue this due to school.

    I started working on this site almost a year ago. I've always had the idea, but wasn't really able to implement it, until now. I finished this little project of mine this summer (last month). I put my heart into this project because I was never planning on selling it but running it myself instead. Since this is a new website, it doesn't have a lot of traffic, as you can see (I'm actually a little surprised that there is an Alexa ranking). Therefore, there is no revenue from the ads. However, through my eyes, I see a lot of potential. Here is a link to the indexed pages, if you're into that.

    The domain is on GoDaddy, while the hosting is on HostGator. You will get, with the purchase, the domain and the hosting. Also, you will get a list of how to change various settings (number of days before a conversation closes, number of comments before the conversation becomes popular, etc.). You will also get all of the PSD files for the graphics and the original fixed HTML template that I coded up.
    The BIN is set at $500, which I believe is reasonable, considering the amount of work I put in into the overall design and fixing bugs and making customizations. As you can see, the design is unique to the site, and the website is fully functional and completed 100%. Also, every page is xhtml compliant.

    I am open to any offers. Good day.
    abcdefGARY, Oct 17, 2009 IP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.