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Discrepancy when tracking Pageviews for a specific page under Audience Overview and Behavior Overvie

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by fresco57, Jul 22, 2017.

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    Hey guys, would really appreciate some help! New to analytics and adwords and it's part of my job now so doing my best to try and learn the ropes!

    I have two problems thus far. The client wants to see the number of PAGEVIEWS for a specific page, as well as the number of USERS for that same page.

    Here's my process:

    I'm trying to track pageviews for this SPECIFIC page on a client's website. The page is wwww.randomwebsite.com/services/

    My issue ----Under AUDIENCE OVERVIEW, selecting pageviews from the drop down, I've created a segment as follows:

    Filter-Users-Include: Page-exactly matches-"/services/"

    I named this segment "service page users only" and when its applied, I see 499 pageviews.

    But when I go to: BEHAVIOR-Site Content-All Pages

    ....and look at the table for the "/services/" page, I only see 298 pageviews.

    What am I doing wrong?

    What is the correct way to show pageviews for a specific page?

    And what is the correct way to find specific number of users for that specific page?

    For users, I've been using the same segment I created in AUDIENCE OVERVIEW and am simply selecting the drop down to be users instead of pageviews.

    Really, REALLY appreciate the advice.

    fresco57, Jul 22, 2017 IP