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[DISCOUNT] Linken Sphere — multithreaded browser / antidetect / traffic arbitrage / multiaccounting

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by gorspere, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. gorspere

    gorspere Member Premium Member

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    Hello friends!

    We have not published global updates for a long time, but all this time the work continued to boil, which was expressed in a large number of intermediate versions that were issued to those wishing to help us test the product. Your help and feedback has helped us make significant progress in solving a large number of old and new bugs. The testing results of the latest version are very encouraging, so we thought it was time to bring you a big new update.

    Meet the powerful and reliable - Linken Sphere 8.74 beta!


    In this version of the program, a lot of attention was paid to correcting errors, increasing the stability and quality of the program components. Dozens of hours of testing and operational changes made it possible to create a version that should work stably and quickly on most popular systems. We solved the problems with displaying elements and layout on a number of sites, made the work of the built-in proxy faster and more reliable thanks to a complete update of the network module - this will also allow high-quality use of a fairly large number of SSH tunnels and proxy services that were previously unavailable. Also, problems with windows, scrolls, buttons, interface elements and others have been fixed - the changelog presented below sufficiently demonstrates the amount of work that has been done since the last release.

    Work on the built-in antidetect did not stop either. Modern AF systems constantly pose new challenges, and in order to maintain an acceptable bypass quality, regular improvements of the built-in modules are required, and in order to preserve the relevance of the technologies used for as long as possible, starting with this version, we decided to move away from their detailed description, limiting ourselves to general ones. So, along with the global update of the browser engine, we have completely updated all built-in antidetect models: Fonts, Canvas, WebGL, and a large number of not so global, but no less important things. In addition, a new system for filtering configs in real time was launched, which significantly improved their quality. Also, the necessary changes were made to the work of the old modules in order to make it possible for them to work correctly with the updated configuration collector.

    The volume of improvements is impressive, and the presented version, according to our plan, is the latest beta in this line, and based on your global feedback, we plan to present the official stable version of the program.

    Brief changelog:

    - The engine has been updated to match the modern parameters of Chrome, the stability and speed of the program has been significantly increased
    - Completely updated network module, which led to an increase in the speed and reliability of the connection
    - Changes have been made to speech
    - Made a number of improvements in the DOM and HTML modules
    - Modified and updated Canvas substitution module
    - Modified and updated webaudio substitution module - Improved and updated Fonts substitution module
    - Improved and updated module for spoofing WebSocket
    - Improved and updated WebGL substitution module
    - Redesigned WebRTC substitution method
    - Randomized the depth value of the resOverflow parameter
    - Improved work of profiles and communication of updates in sessions
    - Updated js objects for Safari and Firefox profiles
    - Adjusted configs for passing a number of new tests used in AF systems
    - Updated a number of CSS3 profiles
    - Improved window.chrome object in configs for Chrome
    - Updated OpenGL libraries on Windows
    - Fixed and improved PDF Chrome plugin
    - Fixed presence and order of various navigator objects to match modern versions of Chrome
    - Fixed iFrameChrome parameter, displaying window.chrome object in iframes with empty preloaded content
    - Fixed a bug with using the "Use fake wRTC" checkbox and activating the "wRTC off" mode
    - Fixed and improved parameters Storage: IndexedDB
    - Fixed bugs with the performance and display of a number of sites, for example: Youtube, Gmail
    - Fixed inconsistencies in Navigation Checks parameters (web worker and shared worker)
    - Fixed problems with the proxy-cheap.com proxy
    - Fixed problems with the packetstream.io proxy
    - Fixed problems with Service Worker and endless redirects in search (example: on mail.ru on mobile configs)
    - Fixed crash when deleting session via Session Manager
    - Fixed a bug with clearing localStorage via Clear data
    - Fixed bug with Gmail and Cookies Mismatch
    - Fixed a bug with the indentation of the physical screen
    - Fixed a bug with displaying buttons and interface elements on a number of sites
    - Fixed a number of bugs with saving Cookies, optimized Cookies
    - Fixed string display of js functions for different types of browser in v8 engine
    - Fixed possible bug with extra screen padding on mobile configs
    - Fixed display of the page when using the connection type "No proxy" or "SSH"
    - Fixed bug with auto-complete passwords
    - Fixed a possible crash when trying to enter the Session archive
    - Fixed a possible bug with the lack of horizontal scrolling
    - Fixed work in touchscreen mode

    Together with the launch of the update, we also completely update the built-in and paid configurations - for maximum results, we recommend using new sessions with updated configs!

    We hope that this update will significantly improve your work results and be as reliable as possible!
    Site: https://linken-sphere.info
    gorspere, May 19, 2021 IP