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Selling Discount Content Services

Discussion in 'Services' started by zillionthllc, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Zillionth Networking LLC. Is a registered business in the USA.

    We have several services that we would like to share with you at the moment. Before I get into that I would like to explain Zillionth Networking LLC so that you know a little bit about our company.

    1. Our HQ is located in Wisconsin, USA

    2. We have 15 individuals working for us

    3. We are all from the the U.S.

    4. Half of us have been providing quality for the last 9+ years.

    What our company offers:

    1. Forum Posting

    2. Articles/Article rewrite/Article Submission

    3. Blog commenting/Posts

    4. Backlinking

    5. SEO

    6. Web Creation

    7. Reviews

    What we will be offering within the next year.

    1. Web Hosting

    2. Domain registration


    Heres our list of services for a limited time only at this price.

    1. Forum Posting $10 per 100 posts.

    A) Bulk Orders:

    1000 posts $50

    2500 posts $75

    4000 posts $95

    5000 posts $125

    Notes: Time frame varies on your post amount. 1000 posts will be finished within 1 week. Our team always try to finish 1000 posts per 1 week.

    2. Articles $0.95 per 100 words


    $2 per every 500 words

    Notes: All articles are uniquely written by the team. We can produce up to 40 articles per day upon request. All articles pass copyscape.

    A) Rewrites:

    All rewrites can be done for $1.50 all the time no matter word count.

    B) Submission:

    We will write and submit your article(s) for an extra $0.50 per order.

    3. Blog Commenting/Posts


    We will add comments to your blog for $5 per 50 comments.

    B) Posts:

    We will create the content for your blogs for $5 per entry.

    4. Backlinking

    A) 1000 backlinks: $50 (1 month)

    B) 3500 backlinks: $75 (3 months)

    C) 5000 backlinks: $100 (6 months)

    D) For every 1000 links after 5000 its an additional $25

    5. SEO

    We will do the complete SEO for your site for $300 this includes keywords, page ranking, and everything else. This service lasts for 3 months. We will get you #1 or we'll refund your money.

    6. Web Creation

    A) A forum:

    We will build a VB forum from top to bottom and include 5000 posts for $250

    B) Blog:

    We will install and setup your blog with comments/posts for $100

    C) All other sites ask.

    7. Reviews

    All reviews cost $3 and will be a minimum of 300 words.

    What you get with your order!

    1. A complete report that includes links, dates, times, user names, and what work was done.

    2. A 100% money back guarantee up to 72 hours after your work is finished.

    3. You will also get entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win $100. Every $100 you spend adds one month to your drawing. (Meaning if you purchase $300 you will be entered for 3 months.)


    1. 300 articles 500 words each for $100

    2. 10,000 forum posts for the price of 5000 posts.

    3. $50 off webcreation, SEO, Backlinking (with $75 orders)

    All payments are thru paypal and we have samples, and 24 hour customer service!
    zillionthllc, Dec 1, 2010 IP
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    I'll try out your services. Should I just send a PM with what I would like done and the associated URL's?
    miche2002, Dec 3, 2010 IP