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''DisBoards'' banned me after ONE day!!... HELP!

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by Motelsex, Dec 25, 2008.

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    I wish i could understand what i did wrong on this site.
    After registering, i set up my signature and began posting to topics. In total, i think it was 4 posts/replies in that one day.

    All my posts were legit.

    I had nothing but nice things to say to people (especially with my company name attached) - i added some fun comments and stayed within my boundaries... i have no intentions of being shady with what i'm doing. I would like to build a genuinely strong site using sig-links.

    I have only been a member here for less than a week, but as you can see by my posts, i pretty much stay on topic and have some real questions and comments... what i did with this site was no different.

    The next day when i went to the site, i was 'splashed' with this:

    ''You have been banned for the following reason:

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never''

    Has anybody else had any problems with this site or similar problems with other sites that do this?

    If so, how can this be avoided.
    I don't want to be repped as a spammer.

    Have no want to be one.

    Please advise...
    ... and thank you to all who do.
    Motelsex, Dec 25, 2008 IP
  2. jepretan

    jepretan Member

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    Register using another email account. Dont forget this time to use proxy.
    jepretan, Dec 25, 2008 IP
  3. sultanofseo

    sultanofseo Notable Member

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    all forums need members to keep the forum active and no member gets banned for making legit post. you must have violated forum rule somehow
    sultanofseo, Dec 25, 2008 IP
  4. jitendraag

    jitendraag Notable Member

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    If possible, contact the moderators and ask for exact reason. You should also read the guidelines again. Many times it's possible that you miss a little guideline here and there and get banned. I see many people asking for social bookmarking submissions on this forum, they don't want to violate the rule but they manage to do that anyway.
    jitendraag, Dec 26, 2008 IP
  5. Motelsex

    Motelsex Peon

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    honestly - this is not the case, and i'm not the kind of person to be shy about telling you i did do something wrong... especially after reading some of the 'secrets' some of the posters here have left - i'd be like Snow White in comparison.

    About the only thing i may have done wrong, and please correct me if this is ill advised...
    ...but they allow an image as your signature... the image was to be under 9kb
    ...i made my logo less than 9kb, but it was 200 pixels in width.... i uploaded it to my server, and called it from there.
    ...could this be something that certain forums do not like?...
    is it not smart to use an image as a signature simply for not maximizing the text?

    ...and really think about my original post....
    ...even if i was - how much 'spamming' could i possibly have done with only FOUR posts?

    Your best suggestions would be helpful sooner, rather than later.

    Thanks again.
    Motelsex, Dec 26, 2008 IP
  6. seriouslynot

    seriouslynot Member

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    Like previous poster said - sign up again with diff email & proxy. & this time dont do anything to draw attention to you (ie, something that most other members arent doing)
    seriouslynot, Dec 26, 2008 IP