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Selling Directory Submission Service. Price is only 22$ for 2k submission. Limited Time

Discussion in 'Services' started by pushpa, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Hello Friends,

    As you all know that directory submission is the best easy method to gain one way links so i am decided to provide this service to you all. i have some spare time after my study and can do this job for you all in low price.

    I am providing two type of directory submission

    Regular Directory Submission :
    in this type service i will submit your site to directories continuously until i reach to target quantity. i can do up to 2k directory submission each day.

    and second one is ..

    Slow Directory submission : In this type service i will submit your site to directories slowly slowly. this is the best for new sites to make safe backlinks from sandbox. in this type service i will submit your site to 50-100 directories each day.

    Package Details ::

    Starting Package :
    9$ = 500 Regular Directory Submission [pr1+]
    12$ = 500 Slow Directory Submission [pr1+]

    Silver Package :
    15$ = 1000 Regular Directory Submission
    22$ = 1000 Slow Directory Submission

    Golden Package :
    28$ = 2000 Regular Directory Submission
    40$ = 2000 Slow Directory Submission

    I need the following details to process order :

    * Name:
    * URL :
    * Email to confirm directory listing :
    * Category :
    * Keywords :
    * Title : [up to 5]
    * Description : [ up to 5]

    Payment option : paypal only

    Special : I am giving 30% Discount to all members and if you are have 30+ itrader then you can pay me after completion of work.
    pushpa, Dec 25, 2010 IP
  2. temp2

    temp2 Well-Known Member

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    hi mate,

    your golden package (40) is too expensive, reply me if you can accept mine
    temp2, Dec 25, 2010 IP
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