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Directory submission Article Directory submission Time factor question

Discussion in 'Directories' started by surf4fun, Jun 6, 2008.

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    As airtel india is providing 512kbps and 1mbps internet very cheap..

    1. How much time it takes for you to submit to

    100 directory
    500 directory
    1000 directory

    100 article directory
    600 article directory
    1000 article directory
    manually or using auto form filler softwares..

    (assuming 8 hours a shift..

    and a person cannot work more then 16 hours a day.)

    2. How many web sites can you submit in that little time

    3. What is your internet bandwidth speed..Upload/download
    4. Does Article directories take more time then normal general directories..

    Please only experienced submitters reply.. and answer by 1 2 3 4.

    thank you in advance.
    :confused: :confused:
    surf4fun, Jun 6, 2008 IP
  2. learn2earn

    learn2earn Well-Known Member

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    1. With 512 kbps, for me it would take
    100 dir - 1 and half hour
    500 - 7-8 hours
    1000 - 16 hours
    I haven't done article submissions yet. All these are manual work.

    2. Generally it takes 1 min for me to submit a link to 1 directory.

    3. My Speed is pretty slow.... download 12 kbps.

    4. I feel yes
    learn2earn, Jun 6, 2008 IP
  3. WallaceYeung

    WallaceYeung Notable Member

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    these guys use software and done the job without one second just like press one button.
    and you never know how many directories your site has been submitted and how many and which directories are successful to get listing.
    stay away these service and guys, warm suggestion.
    WallaceYeung, Jun 6, 2008 IP
  4. hhheng

    hhheng Banned

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    If you do submit your site seriously, like that, you carefully browse the categories, it shall take you around 3 hours to submit 100 directories. Less than this time limit, the submitter just go to the submit page and fill in the link information and click submit.
    hhheng, Jun 7, 2008 IP
  5. seomanualsubmission

    seomanualsubmission Well-Known Member

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    1. It can be vary a bit according to me because with manual submission work we have to check most relevant categories and directories behavior like .... what should length of descs or titles.

    100 directory fast submission : 1-2 hrs Slow submission : 1week
    500 directory FS : 7-10 hrs Slow submission : 3 to 4 week
    1000 directory FS : 18 - 24 hrs Slow submission : More than 8 week

    If you give us all details like url id password.

    100 article directory : 2-3 hrs
    600 article directory : 8-10 hrs
    1000 article directory : 16-20 hrs

    Completely manually :)

    We are doing manual submission work from last three years.

    We need generally for quality Manual directory submission : 3 days for each site.

    Article submission will take more time then directory submission due to registration process, pen name, signature verifications etc.

    Thanks :)
    seomanualsubmission, Jun 7, 2008 IP
  6. Red_Virus

    Red_Virus Well-Known Member

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    Thanks buddy, nice attempt at promoting your services in the Directories forums.

    Red_Virus, Jun 7, 2008 IP
  7. jamesjame

    jamesjame Peon

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    I can do submission with this speed.
    100 dir - 1 hour
    500 - 5 hours

    100 Articles - 2 hour
    jamesjame, Dec 2, 2009 IP
  8. rogan4567

    rogan4567 Active Member

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    I've never submitted to such large numbers in one sitting, but I used to submit to general web directories and currently submit to article directories, and I timed thousands (and thousands) of submissions.

    General directory submissions - average 0:40-0:45 each (not sure how many thousands of submissions for that average)
    Article directory submissions average about 1:10 each over 1200 submissions tracked over ~100 different directories. With article directories, I rotate author bios and have 1 text and 2x HTML article versions to cater to different directory allowances. So, somebody who doesn't rotate article directory information can likely submit faster than I do.

    I know it used to take me 4-5 (sometimes 6) hours to submit to the info vilesilencer list when it was 400-500+ directories a few years back, and that is primarily what I used for general submissions.

    My estimated times are based on my per-directory submission time average:


    100 directory - 1.2 hours
    500 directory - ~6 hours
    1000 directory - ~ 12 hours

    100 article directory - ~ 2 hours
    600 article directory - 11.67 hours
    1000 article directory - 19.44 hours

    I used/ use Firefox with Pro Roboform, Informenter, and for article directory submissions, Firefox's AutoCopy plugin plus a page with onclick-select form fields for one mouse click copy to clipboard for my article rotation.

    2) While I submitted to the info vilesilencer list in one shot several years ago, I've never submitted to more than 30 random article directories at once.

    3) 12Mb down 2Mb up

    4) Yes, article directories tend to take more time than general web directories. However, I haven't performed any general directory submissions in over 2 years, things may have changed if there are a lot of new scripts out, or if they've incorporated ways to change field names to slow down form-filling software.
    rogan4567, Dec 2, 2009 IP