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Directory as SaaP or SaaS

Discussion in 'Directories' started by Philip Prasanna G, Nov 4, 2013.

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    I always wonder people are crazy about subscription based cloud apps for every domain. I accept it is a greater solution not to break heads on server maintenance and data loss threat.

    Some times I do get a feel of living in rented apartments even though you pay more than what it incurs to buy a new house, when I tend to get compared with cloud apps.

    Besides this, what would be the best style for running an Online Directory? whether to go with subscription based service with the website or source code owning company or to buy the complete product from the directory website building company.

    I am planning to build a directory web application with CMS, I also got confused with the decision of developing it as a common cloud portal where the directory owners can get the source code by monthly subscription (server maintenance will be ours) or by selling the product completely to the directory owners by helping them to host on their servers.

    Please suggest,
    Philip Prasanna G, Nov 4, 2013 IP
  2. YMC

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    Firstly, I admit that I don't understand all of the cloud technology stuff.

    I think most serious directory owners want to have control over the software and where it is installed. The two most heavily used scripts tend to have a fairly disappointing upgrade history - upgrading the software often had so many changes to how things work that they broke people's sites. In one case, the entire database structure was reconfigured and they changed the names of many of the variables people had used on their themes. We pretty much had to recode our themes in order to make the upgrade.

    I don't know if during your product research you came across a product called Lynx. It's not around anymore, so you may have missed it. Leaving much of the nonsense that went on between the people behind it and the rest of the directory community...their script was encrypted. Most directory owners hated the idea. The script folks said it was more secure. The directory owners didn't like not being able to change things for themselves and the idea that the script developers more than likely had a back door into everyone's sites.

    Your themes are so lovely, there might not be as much need to reprogram them. To have a really nice site with the other two scripts, you pretty much have to hack their themes to pieces. If most people would be using your themes 'out of the box' upgrading shouldn't be as painful as what many of us are used to.

    I'm of a mind that I want the product in my hand. If down the road you go out of business or raise your fees beyond what I can afford to pay, at least I still have the latest release and it gives me time to limp along and find something else.

    Maybe offer both options - managed hosting and self-hosting?
    YMC, Nov 8, 2013 IP