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Different results checking backlinks in Yahoo

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by lowrider14044, Oct 9, 2004.

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    I've always noticed when i check links in Yahoo that I come up with different results depending on if I use linkdomain: vs link: Here is an example

    Linkdomain:mysite.com = 607
    Linkdoamin:www.mysite.com = 423
    Link:http://www.mysite.com = 241
    I understand the first one is because of mainly natural backlings where sites just linked to the domain name but I can't figure out why the second two are so different? Maybe I'm just dense? :)

    lowrider14044, Oct 9, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    link: only shows stuff linked to that specific page. linkdomain shows links to any page within the domain.

    Not sure about the other... I would think that linkdomain without the www means it would be a link to any URL within the domain (not just www... for example forums.digitalpoint.com, but in the case of digitalpoint.com it's lower, so I don't know).
    digitalpoint, Oct 9, 2004 IP
  3. powerofeyes

    powerofeyes Guest

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    will show links to the that page without the www version,

    will show links to the that page with the www version,

    People sometimes link to a site without www. so your links are split between the www version and the non www version,

    It is said that www.anysite.com is virtually a sub domain of anysite.com, so both are not always treated the same, to avoid this do a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file and redirect one version of the URL to the other version, In this method links/Pagerank wont be split,
    powerofeyes, Nov 14, 2004 IP
  4. Solicitors Mortgages

    Solicitors Mortgages Well-Known Member

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    where is that said ??
    are you saying that "www.google.com" is sharing its ranking with "google.com" and they should redirect "google.com" to www.etc? that is absurd, although i am interested where you figured this from.
    Split PR for leaving out www ....hmmmm
    Solicitors Mortgages, Nov 14, 2004 IP
  5. longcall911

    longcall911 Peon

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    There are dozens of threads throughout the various SEO forums whereby people have stated with great confidence that anysite.com is different than www.anysite.com which is different than http://www.anysite.com. In terms of the webserver, they are definitely different sites. The server will maintain and htaccess file (IIS) which defines each of these different domains as the same one and forwards the user to the ultimate published site.

    As far as SEO, it is common practice to standardize on one format when building links. Otherwise, some are attributed to one 'site' while others are attributed to the other. Some people also claim that PR passes in the same manner and that you are in effect splitting your inbound PR if you use different URL formats.
    longcall911, Nov 14, 2004 IP