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Development Idea

Discussion in 'Programming' started by rhoniedotcom, Mar 27, 2020.

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    I believe I have an idea that could make a programmer millions of dollars, while at the same time help building.
    Here it goes:
    The problem with building a building, garage etc... is the layout of the building. You know there are laser levels that spin around and shows what is level or not. What if these laser levels could also show the layout of a building? Now there is the lasers used in concerts, bars, etc... that spell out words, show images that could be easily incorporated into a laser level. How this would need to work is that you simply enter the dimensions of the building you want built, and put the laser on a tripod or pole, and the laser shows the outline of the building on the ground. Today, it takes at least 2 to 3 hours to layout a building to get it square. (Much longer for bigger buildings). By having a laser that does no more than show the exterior of the building would save a lot of time, and should be easy to program. Outside of the building layout could easily be laid out using ground paint, and off you go. Additional options could be added in near future as well.
    If this was done, every building supplier would more than likely sell your product.
    rhoniedotcom, Mar 27, 2020 IP
  2. NetStar

    NetStar Notable Member

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    You should pay for a developer to create the app then make millions of dollars yourself........
    NetStar, Mar 27, 2020 IP
  3. pavv

    pavv Active Member

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    Do you want a "central laser tower" that will project the layout of the building on the ground?
    Like a laser keyboard?
    pavv, Apr 6, 2020 IP