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Developing a content marketing strategy for business

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Anitasol, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Developing content marketing is an important part of a business whose aim is to be on top of the ladder, content marketing can be a game changer for any business. It can transform a marketing department from one that talks at their consumers to one that speaks with them. It can help a business increase the top of the funnel, increase the effectiveness of the middle of
    the funnel while shortening the sales cycle. Unfortunately, there are very few marketing teams
    that are doing this well.

    Certainly, the failure or success of your content marketing strategy depends on your preparation.
    Successful content marketing requires the right pieces being in place before you begin creating
    content. It also requires your business to be willing to do things differently. Developing a solid
    content marketing strategy will help your business find success when implementing your plan.
    For your business’ content marketing campaigns to be successful, they have to align with the
    goals you’ve set for your business. When your content goals and business goals are in
    alignment, it brings the various parts of your business into the discussion, which makes the
    process of developing your strategy possible. Once you align your traditional marketing,
    content strategy, sales and client services, you can begin creating relevant and targeted content
    for all the phases of your sales cycle.
    Create Audience Personas:
    One of the most critical elements in documenting your content strategy is knowing who your
    customers are and understanding their wants and needs. Creating an audience persona will
    help you to determine what kind of content you should develop that will enable you to speak to
    and engage with your audience. Creating audience personas will help you to define who your
    audience is, what motivates them, and how to create the right content to match those

    Create a Distribution Plan:
    After you define your audience, you need to come up with a distribution plan to ensure your
    audience sees your content. Along with posting your content on social media, you might want
    to consider creating an email campaign to distribute your content to your subscribers or enlist
    the help of your team members to share the content with their networks. Instead of allowing
    your strategy to be dictated by the typical patterns of sharing, find creative ways to get the
    most out of your content.

    Whether your company has been developing content for years or is just starting to dive in,
    creating a content marketing strategy will help your business reach its target audience. So take
    the time to develop your goals, personas, and distribution strategies, to set your marketing
    efforts up for success.
    Anitasol, Oct 7, 2018 IP