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Detection-site checkyour.space

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by checkyour.space, Feb 4, 2020.

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    Opened a site that allows to recognize antidetect: https://checkyour.space
    Also worked at the beginning of the previous year. However, I'd to stop for a reason that I won't mention.
    Please note that this project is completely non-profit, I don't charge any fees for checking and adding/updating information about antidetects.
    Please be active in this topic to raise it to the top.
    Are you the owner of an antidetect or a client? Want me to check it out? Feel free to write in private messages at the link provided on the site.

    At the moment, the detection is implemented, its status:
    * LinkenSphere 8.0 - detectable (level 1), unfixed, only chrome
    update 04.02.2020

    For paranoids: this service collects all the information about the system, browser, location (can be denied), IP-address, sound card, fonts, your wife, and also the dog. Do you want this data to go somewhere? If not then don't visit this site.

    The site was created to test antidetection systems, and not their advertising.

    Please, note that this site is working only with a Chrome and only "detected" means that an antidetection system is found.
    checkyour.space, Feb 4, 2020 IP