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Designers, Graphic Artists, needed for partner promotion, Cnet download.com $oftware

Discussion in 'Design Contests' started by reelstuff, May 25, 2009.

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    Hello, If you are interested in promoting your services, by featuring your work on download.com
    and other software download related communities then this is the thread for you.

    Here is how it will work, I will create software in MAC OSX and Windows, Linux is also a possiblity

    You will create a unique template webpage OR a unique set of graphic elements in PNG Or JPG format.
    Please see free software download to get an idea of how this will work.

    There will also be a contest with cash prizes for the designers who have the most downloads.

    Inside the software we will feature, HTML CSS designs and graphic packages which will show a free sample inside the software,
    also in the software you the artist and or designer will be featured, your webpage will have
    a link to your work and or the page of your choice.

    A package of your products which you will create just for this project, a sample of your work will be in the software
    which will be free for the user to try out, and of course the use will have the opportunity to make a purchase from a link inside the software.

    (exclusive new work yours and no one else's this will not available anywhere else,)

    We will reserve the right to become a featured product at Cnet and download.com some PR releases will be done as well as other promotional interviews, articles, and other promotions aimed at reaching a greater audience.

    Need several designers and graphic artists, (please note not all that apply will be accepted)

    Each qualified submission will have their own page in the software, you will also have the opportunity to design the graphics used in the promotional page, you can see an example of this software by sending p.m.
    Each page in the software will have a link to a promotional package, of your product, in zip download format, the price will be affordable and agreed to by both of us, the sales process will work in this way, we will split the sales, 50/50 using RAP rapid action profits system, this is how it works, one sale goes to me next sale goes to you, this way it is fair and you actually will receive money for your work.

    You must be able to accept paypal in order to take advantage of this offer.

    I prefer designers and graphic artists who live in the USA but will consider others based on time zone and commitment to participating in the promotion, you must be able to use paypal in order to benefit from the sales page promotion system.

    We will be using upload.com as our primary promotional source followed by many other download related companies.

    This is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to your unique work, and some cash,)

    Send PM and or download the sample application,

    please note this is just a sample and not meant for you to actually make a purchase, also the design will be your design not the one that is currently there as an example.

    update, New versions of software uploaded, Linux now available, please let me know if you find any bugs, thanks.

    MAC OSX | Windows | Linux | Updated software links


    reelstuff, May 25, 2009 IP
  2. reelstuff

    reelstuff Active Member

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    Just in case you may have not understood,

    I am offering to feature your work and cut you in on the profits,

    here is the venue, where it all happens,


    Take a close look, if your not interested in this you must be crazy...:eek:
    reelstuff, May 25, 2009 IP