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Depth of Field Effect?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by 7643sfsag6, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Hi all,
    Just trying to create a modal that zooms and blurs the background back. Based on avgrund by hakim https://lab.hakim.se/avgrund/
    Now it has nesting modals also with the help of @deathshadow over at codingforums.
    Here is the current state:
    Now, what I am trying to do is:
    by clicking the nested modal link, everything should be pushed back again and blurred - like simulating receding layers/depth of field.
    I've attached an image to explain this:
    Solved! View solution.
    7643sfsag6, Jun 14, 2019 IP
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    You might be able to layer the :checked part of my implementation to fake it.

    .toggle:checked ~ #content {/* blur + zoom depth 1 */}
    .toggle:checked ~ .toggle:checked ~ #content {/* blur + zoom depth 2 */}
    .toggle:checked ~ .toggle:checked ~ .toggle:checked ~ #content {/* blur + zoom depth 3 */}
    /* etc, etc */

    The amount of blur being based on how many of the underlying checkboxes are out of focus. The problem would be getting the top-most ones to blur the underlying. Nesting could solve this, but it gets really complex, convoluted, and tricky.

    To that end with it already being an ice-skating uphill effect when it comes to accessibility, resulting in pages that are hard to navigate and difficult to read, I would NOT implement such a thing on a website. It's artsy fartsy crap that amounts to throwing code at a page for very little in terms of usability and functionality.
    deathshadow, Jun 14, 2019 IP