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Definig a Competitive Keyword

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by necromanc, Jul 26, 2006.

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    How many results have google to show that you can say that you keyword is really competitive ?
    necromanc, Jul 26, 2006 IP
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  2. ChildeRoland

    ChildeRoland Peon

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    The results aren't quite as important as the number of Backlinks and some other important factors.

    #1 - Content - How much quality content do the sites within the first 3 pages of google have? If they all have a lot of quality content, then you are also going to need lots of quality, keyword rich content.

    #2 - Backlinks and IBL's - How many backlinks and inbound links do the top sites have for this term or phrase. If the average # of backlinks for your phrase is above 250 - 300, and you're only sitting at 50 - 100, then it's fairly competitive and you have some work to do. If the average # of backlinks is 1000, then you've got a sh%^ ton of work to do.

    #3 - Quality of anchor text used in backlinks and IBL's - the more effectively these top sites use anchor text in their IBL's improves the quality of their hold in the rankings for these terms.

    #4 - Quality of backlinks and IBL's. You could probably put this up to #1 or #2, but the quality and relevancy of the competing sites IBL's is huge for figuring out the competitive nature of a term or phrase.

    That's it out of me. Good luck.
    ChildeRoland, Jul 28, 2006 IP
  3. ahkip

    ahkip Prominent Member

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    use nichebot and then nichewatch, you will see how hard/easy the keyword is
    ahkip, Jul 28, 2006 IP