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debugging of data read with phpQuery

Discussion in 'PHP' started by mstdmstd, Oct 29, 2017.

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    Can you advice some tools(php7/laravel5) for debugging/review of data read with phpQuery?
    I mean when I need to get data-attribute of H2 tag I write:

    1. $pq = pq($nextContainerDivItem);
    2. $nextTitle= $pq->find('h2.s-access-title');
    3. echo '<pre>$nextTitle::</pre>';
    4. dump($nextTitle);
    5. $next_title= !empty($nextTitle->attr('data-attribute') ) ? $nextTitle->attr('data-attribute') : '';
    I googled the right decision and now in $next_title valid value, but debugging the output

    is not really usefull, as I could not review the value in dumping: I suppose to find it in path elements->attributes,
    but as you see at printscreen.

    If there is better of dumping ? If possible with options to show some nodes. Say not empty or specifile in path, as if ["elements->attributes"]
    specified show it opened.

    Also when I write wrong path/class I have some output like in printscreen above.
    I would like in some way to show if the node was found or not?
    If there is way to make it?
    Which debugging tools do you use with phpQuery requests ?

    mstdmstd, Oct 29, 2017 IP