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Dealing with zoom issues

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by lilbitlizz, Dec 21, 2017.

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    Hey gang,
    I'm a total novice to web design. My issue right now is that I've adjusted my overall zoom to ease eye strain. Now I've made a site and then looked at it on a different computer and everything is HUGE. Oops. What's the standard zoom that I should design in in order to make sure my grandma eyes don't like what I see on my computer and then go elsewhere and realize it's all way too big?
    lilbitlizz, Dec 21, 2017 IP
  2. kk5st

    kk5st Prominent Member

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    Set your site's default font size to 100%. Folks with issues can either zoom or set their own browser's default font size (which the 100% references) to something more comfortable for themselves. This is a prime reason to never use pixel sizing for your fonts.

    kk5st, Dec 21, 2017 IP