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Datspush - Push notifications ad network [Official Thread]

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by datspush.com, Sep 24, 2019.


What verticals do you prefer to promote with push traffic?

  1. sweepstakes

  2. gambling

  3. nutra

  4. e-commerce

  5. dating

  6. betting

  7. smartlinks

  8. finance

  9. crypto

  10. pin submits

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    What's up forum?

    Let me introduce ourselves.
    Datspush.com - push notifications advertising network. We offer a self-serve platform to buy and sell push traffic.

    Want to advertise?
    • fresh subscribers from all over the world
    • wide targeting options to aim your audience
    • desktop and mobile push notifications
    • bids starting at 0.001$
    • minimal deposit is 50$
    Want to monetize?
    • everyday payouts
    • http and https websites are supported
    • CR up to 16%
    • a lot of landings to use
    • CPA or revenue share 88%
    Here in the thread we will post the lates updates, case studies and answer all your questions
    [​IMG] (he's name is PushOk)
    BTW answer the poll what kind of offers do you prefer to promote with push traffic?
    datspush.com, Sep 24, 2019 IP