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Selling Dating site for sadists, masochists and fetishists.

Discussion in 'Sites' started by bdsmify, Jun 19, 2019.

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    About website
    Service similar to polish bdsm.pl but with multilanguage, responsive and with a lot of options.
    The site is unique(good for seo). the whole is written from scratch very horny so it will be easy to develop [ PHP, JS, jQuery, CSS, MySQL ]. The website is translated into Polish and English. The other languages are automatically created using google translate, however, the phrases on the page are simple so I think quickly that users correct all errors. The website was created in 2016. I opened it for a week and after a few minutes I had the first users, but I closed it for moral reasons. Now I remembered about the website and came up with the idea that I could sell it altogether. There is an admin account in which you can:
    - delete users,
    - delete user photos
    - accept / reject new descriptions / photos of users
    - accept / reject changes in descriptions / photos of users
    - change page translations in a large table
    - accept / reject translation suggestions

    Why are you selling this site?

    I need money quickly to do next biggest project.. also i dont want to make money in this way...
    How is it monetized?
    There is a limit of sending 2 messages to someone. I want to make money from:
    1) Paid limit removal.
    2) Paid verified status.
    3) paid (expensive) "professional" status. - to show the user at the beginning of the search list

    points 1 and 2 are done i think you have to only enter your paypal email and it will be working...
    Point 3 is only an idea.

    How much time does this site take to run?
    1h ? depends on your skills. i can help you

    What i sell
    - domain,
    - page code (we can sign copyright transfer agreement)
    - istructions and documentations that i will create if you are intrested.

    Intrested persons are invited to ask questions
    bdsmify, Jun 19, 2019 IP