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Date format

Discussion in 'C#' started by apollon, Apr 21, 2006.

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    I using ASP page with MS Access 2003 db.
    I have the following problem.

    When i try to insert new record my date is wrong.
    for example when i write 21/5/2000 the record inserted as
    21/5/2000 but when i write 3/6/2000 displays as 06/03/2000.
    The only way that works is to write for example 3/apr/2000 or 21/apr/2000 and its ok but i dont want this format.

    *Note that the CDate field in db is text format.

    Please check my code below:
    if request.form("txtCDate")="" then
    sqlCDate="#" & request.form("txtCDate") & "#"
    end if
    strSql="Insert into [Task](Category,CDate) values('InternalTask'" & "," & sqlCDate & ")"

    My regional settings its ok.(United Kingdom).

    Please can anyone helpme to find the problem?

    Thanks a lot
    apollon, Apr 21, 2006 IP
  2. doronty37

    doronty37 Active Member

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    you can use this function to format the appearance of date, the db value format is text or anything else.

    ' Format date function
    ' Murat.Yavuz a.k.a doronty37
    ' W: http://www.mydesign.gen.tr
    ' @: mydesign@mydesign.gen.tr
    Function FormatDate(ByVal strDate)
    	'// If variable is empty, exit function
    	If strDate = "" Or isDate(strDate) = False Then Exit Function
    	blnHour = False '// If you want to show hour, change this value as True
    	'// Getting values from variable
    	intSecond = Second(strDate)
         	intMinute = Minute(strDate)
         	intHour = Hour(strDate)
         	intDay = Day(strDate)
         	intMonth = Month(strDate)
         	intYear = Year(strDate)
         	'// Adding 0 to the front if lenght is less than 2 
         	If Len(intMonth) < 2 Then intMonth="0" & intMonth
         	If Len(intDay) < 2 Then intDay="0" & intDay
         	If Len(intHour) < 2 Then intHour="0" & intHour
         	If Len(intMinute) < 2 Then intMinute="0" & intMinute
         	If Len(intSecond) < 2 Then intSecond="0" & intSecond
         	'// Remove hour part if the is no hour in variable
         	If intSecond = "00" And intMinute = "00" And intHour = "00" Then blnHour = False
         	FormatDate = intMonth &"/"& intDay &"/"& intYear &"
         	If blnHour Then FormatDate = FormatDate &"&nbsp;"& intHour &":"& intMinute &":"& intSecond
    End Function
    Code (markup):
    doronty37, Apr 21, 2006 IP
  3. frankcow

    frankcow Well-Known Member

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    you should just convert the month to the text name, like 03/apr/06 before each instert, and prevent any errors. That's probably the fastest resolution
    frankcow, Apr 21, 2006 IP