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Database error with Invision after moving to new server (exporting/importing dbs)

Discussion in 'Databases' started by adminnoob, Aug 4, 2008.

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    hey everyone

    im really hoping someone here can help because ive been googling for days and exhausted every idea.

    i recently moved my site from one server to another. before doing so i went to my cpanel and took individual backups of the databases (one for forum, one for gallery) and one for home directory.
    i managed to restore the home directory but because my cpanel username, and hence the user for the databases i imported back in cpanel, is slightly different (blackme became blackmet...refers to the beginning of the url) the usernames and passwords dont match up, and now when i load the forum, even though theoretically everything should be the way it was before i changed servers, when i try to load the forum i get a database error. the same with my photo gallery on the other database.

    as i said ive tried everything i can, and i come to you as a last resort. i actually had a decent forum going and a good member base. now they are losing interest what with it being down all the time, and i doubt they will wanna reregister and start all over if i go again from scratch.

    please help!!!
    adminnoob, Aug 4, 2008 IP