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Database Crash PR4 Free Old Directory needs links

Discussion in 'Solicitations & Announcements' started by donttrustthisposter, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Yeah Database crashed, took this oportunity to put in more categories.

    Real PR4, in top 10 for "free website directory"


    Indian flower shops need not apply (not sure what this is about anyways.)
    Indian Travel
    basically most of the Indian stuff will get denied.
    Am I a bad person, do I hate India? No. Well at least not on the latter, I certainly think India is a great and a net plus to the world, however its seedy underbelly of Search engine optimization "Experts" (self described) can go to hell.

    500 Characters in details

    You Will be denied otherwise.

    Not original details

    Yes I google the details and if it shows up as indexed you're denied. Sorry InformEnter people.

    So take a minute and write details. I guarantee you on a page that will be green with VERY FEW other links as most will not heed these warnings. You will not be on a page with a 1000 other links if you just write something original, relevant, and have a decent site.

    I'm not going to bump this thread, Anything you post here I honestly could probably care less about so no need to tell me you "submitted site" or some other useless and grammar impaired remark, but will go through submissions until happy hour this afternoon.

    Oh and featureds I still have so if you were kind enough to sign up before I'll get you back in.

    Free Website Directory

    donttrustthisposter, Mar 20, 2010 IP
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  2. vthomas

    vthomas Peon

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    Bummer to hear about the DB crash, good luck building it back up. I submitted one of my sites, will probably do a few more.

    I like that you check for unique descriptions, keeps the bulk submitters away.
    vthomas, Mar 23, 2010 IP
  3. Ohio Health

    Ohio Health Peon

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    I couldn't submit my links. It kept asking for me to pick a category (which I did).


    Ed...wishing Miami's hockey team all the best.
    Ohio Health, Mar 24, 2010 IP