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Buying Customize Existing Wordpress Theme

Discussion in 'Design' started by shoedeluxe, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Hi all.

    I need a customization of an existing Wordpress Theme called Magnitade: http://www.simplethemes.org/magnitade.php
    I have created a screenshot of how I want this theme to be changed, together with comments: http://yfrog.com/6cthemedesignpx

    But I will describe the changes here as well:

    - The top bar has an image only (links to homepage) and is changeble via CSS (background color and image)
    - The design of all main elements in the content part also are changeble with css (background color, background image, link color, etc.)
    - The background of the content area is a gradient image or just solid background color.
    - All pages have to follow basic seo rules: e.g. just one H1 tag per page
    - On the homepage and on all the catergory pages, a special 'featured' post is shown (each category shows another 'special' post).
    - Category pages should have the same layout as the homepage (so not as the demo link below)
    - Each post has an outgoing link pointing to the site as a custom field. All the links shown in the post (title, image and 'til butik' button) should be this link (so there is no link WordPress individual post page).
    - At the end of each descriptive text, a button 'til butik' is shown. It should be possible to remove this button on individual posts though.
    - Positioning of the posts on the homepage (and category pages) should be fluid. If text is longer, the whole next row moves down accordingly.
    - Each post has a custom field that shows how many stars this post has (e.g. custom field 'stars' = 4 -> shows 4 orange stars and one grey star)
    - Footer area is Widgetized.
    - Logo is removed from footer
    - The image shown on each post is managed by the Post Thumbnails plugin, which comes with the theme, but please include/use the latest version from: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-post-thumbnails/

    I have made a test-install of this theme on a temporary server on the following address:

    The only thing I changed in this theme is some css, so the background image is removed, and the rollover image is changed. This way you can get a reasonable idea how things will look with minor changes. Obviously there are more things to be done, but overall it is not a very big project.

    Can anyone do this for about $50 or so?

    Looking forward hearing from you through a PM. Please mention some references, or how you would solve the showing post in category issue...

    shoedeluxe, Sep 15, 2010 IP