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Buying Custom Wp Theme

Discussion in 'Programming' started by webcabbie, Dec 14, 2010.

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    so i have this now hxxp://bostoncab.org I like how the pages populate on it.
    I need my color scheme to match this site hxxp://topcab.us
    I have a logo already that is basically twice the size as it is on bostoncab.org I can send it to you if you like.
    I will need the order a cab form to work as it does on this site:
    this must be listed in robots.txt
    I will also need the rate page that is visible here. I am not overly concerned with what format this page comes in or what script powers it just that it works well and looks well:hxxp://topcab.us/taxi-rates.html
    This page must also be listed in robots.txt

    I am also interested in whatever suggestions you can make as an experienced theme designer.

    1) Evaluate my competition sites(4 competitors) and ensure that all functionality in their sites is imported into my WP CMS theme. Basically I want all the pages and features they have. All their sites are html. PM for competitors links I already know that they will all have a page titled something like "rates" I would want these particular pages protected by robots.txt. As I plan to use to theme again and again.

    2) color scheme of new theme is Red and yellow checkerboard but light on the graphics with an overpowering logo. the idea here is most people that will come to my site will just be interested in getting my phone number and calling so that will need to be the most obvious "in your face" thing about the theme.

    3) Theme must be enabled with an external "no follow" link function. So, my site will still have internal links to my pages, and all the other links will be NoFollow and hence I wont loose my Ranking to other sites. I can give you a hint on how to do this but would prefer someone already know what I mean.

    4) Although the theme is red and yellow checker board I am not looking for anything too busy. theme must be clean and neat and be more like an html business site. No disgusting flash etc.

    5) As the look of the theme is business oriented and WP is just the CMS this is stuff I want taken out.

    remove "Hello World".
    remove "Blogroll".
    remove "Default Comment"

    6) Must not rely on plugins to run. My current theme uses the dropdown menu plugin and if I update the plugin it conflicts with my theme I am looking to avoid that in the future.

    7) Code the theme so that apart from the navigation menu additional posts and pages will not be linked in the navigation menu. These additional posts and pages will only be able to be accessed by a direct url link and SERPs. I can explain this further and give a hint how but prefer you know already what I mean. This as stated about can not rely on a plugin to be accomplished.

    8) Adsense functionality hard coded to the theme. No adsense plugins! I prefer this format for the adsense. 1. Top right corner [Text Ad]
    2. Bellow banner [Text Ad]
    3. Bellow Navigation bar [Link Unit]
    4. Bellow post title in single post page [Text ad]

    9) Ping list updated from the start. I can provide a ping list.
    10) Theme must not conflict with any of the big known plugins that everyone uses. Analytics seo pro etc. I will provide a list of plugins I want installed or upload plugins myself no big deal.

    11) i`ll think of a few more things when I get a chance and update the thread.
    webcabbie, Dec 14, 2010 IP
  2. webcabbie

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    Getting alot of PMs but no one with a serious price. anyone here see how easy this job is?
    webcabbie, Dec 15, 2010 IP