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Custom FaceBook RPG 8700+ users

Discussion in 'Sites' started by o2smedia, May 3, 2010.

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    Im selling me mobwars Style Street race in the Facebook. The game is starting to grow without any marketing in place yet.. it is currently picking up about 30-50 new daily installs. We have passed the 8,700 player mark with a steady grow. I recently added gifting and expect to see the exponential grow start to kick in. I have added offerpal as the sponsor section which integrates into virtually currency for the game. The game has content, an admin section. reports and currently 30-50 daily players.

    I had hoped to remake my investment once I begun the FB marketing and increased the player count to monetize the game and increase the value but an opportunity to purchase some real estate has popped up for me and I am looking to get back some of my investment for a down payment.

    As an added idea which hardly any game is doing I have added a product placement model into the game, which I would rather not disclose due to anyone copying the model. In brief it provides another way to earn revenue from offline clients so that you do not need to depend solely on the virtual currency

    I will only entertain real offers, this is not cheesy ebay script being resold and I spent months getting this game developed as well continue to tweak it for performance and new features.

    Some of the game features

    Intro Tutorial
    Twitter Post
    Wall post
    Paypal integrated
    Offerpal integrated
    Html Editor of content areas
    1 vs 1
    Crew races
    Challenge Races
    Modify Cars with Car Parts
    Modify/Add/Edit Cars
    Modify/Add/Edit Car Parts
    Modify/Add/Edit – properties
    Modify/Add/Edit – Gifts
    Modify/Add/Edit – Sponsor Content
    Modify/Add/Edit – levels
    Modify/Add/Edit – Game Loot
    Admin Area
    User admin/delete/block
    Top Players Report
    Modify/Add/Edit Game Bonus for return players
    User Reports
    News Admin
    Google Analytics Ready
    Product placement sponsor checkout

    Asking Price $14,500
    o2smedia, May 3, 2010 IP
  2. hsnz

    hsnz Peon

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    monthly revenue ?
    hsnz, May 3, 2010 IP